How one Jewelry Business veteran grew her online sales by 1,293% in One Year

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Margaret Aden of Original Sin Jewelry.

With 22-years in the jewelry business under her belt, Margaret Aden, of Original Sin Jewelry, creates contemporary jewelry that tells the story of her customers through a design language she’s developed over the years.

Before Margaret Joined Momentum.

She jokingly referred to her business as a “dumpster fire” and was forced to close her brick-and-mortar store and lay off her employees. In addition, her website was stagnating and not bringing any significant online revenue.

Before Momentum, Margaret was doing 24 to 30 shows per year, and she had that process nailed down seamlessly. But that was not the case when it came to online sales. 

“I joined momentum to dig into the online [space], and [learn] how to create true fans, and how to develop real relationships with my customers.” 

Margaret Adopted a Beginners Mindset.

“So I'm a little bit of an older dog. And it's a little bit harder to teach me new tricks. And so I, I had to get out of my own way and decide that I didn't know everything.”

In Momentum, Margaret leaned into the community for support, direction, and guidance, and she learned to:

  • Tap into h
  • Understand the data and use it to drive her decisions and actions
  • Create a strategic plan and follow through on it
  • Design and curate cohesive jewelry collections
  • Build an on-brand website that converts to sales

Before Momentum, Margaret had a website, “but it wasn't a living, breathing entity.”  And it wasn’t generating any revenue.

Our Momentum Coaches worked one-on-one with Margaret. 

In the true meaning of “beginners mindset,” Margaret listened to our expert coaches and “got out of her own way.” She began to implement systems and her plan by:

  • Sending regular emails to her list to nurture and build connections
  • Hosting Facebook sales and customer appreciation events
  • Showing up consistently online to establish a strong presence
  • Tracking her results and data
  • Monitoring her spending and expenses

“Get some data behind you so you can make an educated decision. How much do I spend on coffee a month? Well, I'm not sure I'm gonna have to track that. How much am I spending on ads every month? Well, I don't know. Let me track that. Are they effective? You know, you have to dig into that data and see and not be afraid to shift.”

Margaret put her trust in her coaches and community and found great accountability and support. She was not afraid of having real honest conversations about things and felt she had a safe space where community and collaboration were more important than competition. 

The Numbers Tell All.

After her first year in Momentum, Margaret’s online business increased by 1,293%! She was doing the work and paying attention to her numbers. 

Midway through her second year in Momentum, Margaret’s sales had increased 694%, and her website traffic increased 514%, “because I really got rolling, you know, [I hit] my stride. And that's just by doing, doing the work that's presented in the momentum program.” 

In Momentum, Margaret learned to understand the data to use it as a benchmark to track her success and know which actions to repeat for consistent growth and revenue.

The Future is Bright for Original Sin Jewelry.

Margaret has enjoyed learning about marketing in the online space and then dialing in on those things to implement them in her business. At this stage in her career, she admits she has “less ego to lose, and more success to gain,” and all the time in the world she wants for her business. “It fills me completely.” With her willingness to listen to our Momentum coaches, take action, and her positive mindset, Margaret knows she can accomplish anything she wants for her business.

When her husband recently asked her, “what if it's an epic failure?” Margaret’s response was, “That's not possible. There is no exit strategy. There's only a forward strategy.”

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