How one Momentum designer doubled her revenue when she dialed into the right business activities

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Kate of Kate Sydney Jewelry. 

In Kate’s own words, “gems are my love language,” and she’s been growing her business, and supporting her family of 4, for the last 5 years.

Before Momentum…

Kate was having some success, but was not clear on what things were bringing her revenue. “…before I just didn't really understand why I was having success. Honestly like I was like ‘Oh that's cool some stuff sold and I got some checks in the mail.’”

That’s when Kate joined Momentum, to learn how to run a consistently successful business and focus on the right activities for predictable growth and income.

After joining Momentum…

Kate began designing one-of-a-kind collections every five to six weeks and releasing them through Facebook Live. In Momentum, Kate has learned exactly how to take her clients on the Desire Brand Journey by sharing her process behind-the-scenes, selecting gemstones, showing live video of her studio and inviting her audience to become part of the story.

“By the time each collection was launching in six weeks, people were excited about them.” 

Kate’s clients became invested in her, and her brand story through video, 

“One of the most helpful things has been figuring out how to take a holistic approach to everything to find that consistency and to focus my energy on the right things.”

Video is something Kate was “terrified” to do before Momentum.  

In Momentum our coaches worked one-on-one with Kate to:

  • Tap into her local community and nurture those relationships
  • Build genuine connections by emailing her list on a consistent basis
  • Understand that her audience wants to hear from her

She learned that when you’re emailing consistently, “You're not bothering people. If they're on your list, they want to be there. If you're coming from a place of service, people appreciate that.” This was a huge mindset shift for her.

The proof is in the pudding. 

Kate shared that her clients are so appreciative when she reaches out. They feel special, not like “one of a bazillion clients. The connections are genuine.”

Before Momentum, Kate felt more like a scattered artist, who only wanted to make things. But after working with our coaches and our community she enjoys the business and marketing side of things, because she’s learned how to put the right systems in place for growth.

“One of the most helpful things has been figuring out how to take a holistic approach to everything to find that consistency and to focus my energy on the right things.”

In Momentum, Kate has learned to:

  • Show up consistently on Facebook and Instagram and also for herself, her family and her clients every day
  • Understand the activities that are moving the needle in her business
  • Implement systems and focus on revenue generating activities
  • Know where her money is coming from, and understanding where she’s spending.

As a result of her focus and putting systems in place, Kate has more than doubled her annual revenue since joining Momentum. 

Kate’s Favorite Parts of Momentum?

Working with the coaches to shift her mindset from “scattered artist” to focused business woman was huge for her. When Kate wanted to outsource her sales and marketing tasks, our coaches explained that nobody will be able to sell her pieces as well as you can. 

That changed her perspective to understand “I am the best person for this job. I can get on video and talk to people and sell my stuff and connect with people in a way that I was terrified to do before being in momentum.”

Kate also credits Momentum for:

  • Lifelong connections, forged with the community of Momentum designers
  • Learning a holistic approach to her business
  • Giving herself permission to enjoy the business aspect of it
  • Having a support system in place for questions or when she feels stuck

“Knowing [my business] can sustain me and sustain my family, it's just, it's so powerful.”  

We asked Kate, from her perspective, who would benefit from joining Momentum? 

Feeling overwhelmed like Jesse? What if you could take your business to the next level AND gain back your personal time? 

“I would recommend it to somebody who is making some money but struggling, to have an understanding of how to continue that success. Or how to sort of taking it up to the next level” 

What could your business look like 1-year from now if you felt supported? 

Let’s do a free Strategy Audit to see if you’d be an excellent fit for Momentum. Go to to apply!