#182 How to Face Fear to Grow Your Business FAST This Year with Rhonda Britten

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Happy New Year #ThriveTribe…

Last week, I wrote about 5 words to live by (and tools to set the precedent for your New Year) because, well, it’s the New Year! Time for some massive change!

Which leads me to a kinda personal question…because it’s time to Sage that S#!zz and clear space for an awesome year ahead.


Have you ever felt completely paralyzed about achieving your business or life goals? Or creating what you REALLY want in life?

So logically you make excuses about why now is NOT the time. Or I’m not ready for XYZ. Or better yet, I don’t deserve to have what I want. Or my fave, Artists don’t make money.

Even though you need to make changes, you hold your face in your hands and cry out loud saying “Why Me!”

(Hey, this is a judgment-free zone here – I get stuck in the same BS all the time.)

Without going deep into the reasons why this happens to all of us, the root of the problem starts with the “F” word.


Fear is the thing that derails you when you self-sabotage, fall short of your goals, don’t go after what you REALLY want, or stay stuck feeling overwhelmed.

I know what it feels like to fall short and let fear RULE you instead of letting fear FUEL you…and that’s why today’s episode is so important.

I asked my friend, Rhonda Britten to come onto the show today to talk about her stretch, risk or die framework to use FEAR as FUEL to reach your goals and grow your business fast this year.

Listen in now to EP182: How to Face Fear to Grow Your Business FAST This Year!

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We go in-depth into Rhonda’s stretch, risk or die framework in the episode. Here’s the quick and dirty rundown below.

You’ll want to listen if not just to hear her inspiring story of overcoming the worst thing ever to inspire millions of people around the world to do great things…

Including me!

When identifying how FEAR affects you, evaluate your goals in terms…


Setting a goal that feels like a “stretch” is a great place to start. It gets you out of your comfort zone to face fear and pushes you to do great things. Stretching is challenging and a great place to start to accomplish great things.


Risk goals have nothing to do with financial risk or the usual things you’d tie risk too. It’s all about taking an emotional risk. Often times “risk” goals come up in the form of imposter syndrome or not believing that you deserve what you set out to do. When you break through, amazing accomplishments happen.


Then we have “Die” goals. These are the goals that make you literally feel like if you attempt them, you might die. For me, stating to the world that I’d do a 20 million view Ted Talk feels like a die goal.

Every time I think about it, I get all hot and sweaty and feel like I’m going to barf!

When working towards achieving great things in your life and your biz, continually stretch, risk, or die!

Big things will happen!

To wrap up this episode today, here’s a little trick I learned from my sister, Carlie, about going after what you want.

Change the screensaver on your computer now to read:

Do something that scares you today!

xo, Tracy

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