How to Plan a Holiday Sales Cycle That Increases Your Revenue by 50% Over Last Year

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July is the start of the third quarter and before you know it the holiday season is going to be here.

When I had my wholesale and RTW jewelry business, the last 4 months of the year always accounted for nearly 50% of my sales.

Every year, I would create a plan, take steps to achieve that vision and finally take action. I remember one year, I was so on top of my holiday sales plan that I booked $450,000 in sales that year. I increased my revenue by 50% over the previous year during that time period.

As an emerging designer, maybe your numbers aren’t to that scale. But wouldn’t it feel fantastic if you were able to increase your raving fan base and increase your revenue by 50% over last year’s Holiday season? YES!

Today, we are going to take you through the process how to plan a holiday sales cycle that increases your revenue by 50% over last year.

Step # 1: Evaluate your numbers from last holiday

If you have been in business for more than a year, take a look at your last year’s numbers by month. Understand what you are working with and get some facts so you can do Step #2.

Step # 2: Create the Vision

What desired results do you want to achieve this year? Is it revenue based? Is it the number of clients wearing your jewelry? Is it that you are getting press coverage by local, regional or national publications or blogs?

Create a vision for what it would look like to get there and come up with some cold hard numbers. Number of clients, sales, press hits, etc. (You can even create a vision board, but remember: The more clear and specific you are on what you desire, the easier it will be to achieve.)

Step #3: Work Backwards to Create the Plan

Here comes the fun part! How are you going to get there?? Now you get to create a strategy (maybe with a little help from us) to Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales.

Consider all of the ways you can reach your goals:

Wholesale accounts, Trade Shows, Trunk Shows, Craft Shows, Home Parties, Turbo Marketing for Website Sales, Press Hits, Social Media Strategy, Sample Sales for old inventory, etc.

A solid holiday plan might include a variety of some or all of these.

Step # 4: Take Action

The most important thing you can do to increase your sales/revenue by 50% next year is to take action.

Create a daily plan of action. Personally, I suggest blocking out 2-4 hours twice a week to pitch and follow up with wholesale, clients, and PR contacts. Set dates on the calendar for trunk shows and in-home parties. Create daily specials or offers for social media. Be consistent and see the momentum build.

Step # 5: Track Your Progress and Be Witnessed

Keeping your eye on the prize is great, but you have to know if you are actually winning, right? Be sure to schedule a time each week to take a look at your progress and adjust where needed.

Finally, be witnessed. Find an accountability partner or join a community like ours so you can stay on track with your peers. We have witnessed thousands of designers make HUGE strides in growth in all areas of their business because they leveraged their peers for support and celebration.

So what do you want to manifest and create this Holiday Season? In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What is your #1 goal, dream or vision for this holiday season?

2. List one step that you will take today to get there.

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