#188 How To Protect Yourself From Health Hazards In Your Jewelry Studio

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Is your studio healthy or hazardous? Here’s how to create the jewelry you love while keeping your health in check.

Yep, I get it! You LOVE making jewelry.

But did you know this creative career could potentially be one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet?

Your subjecting yourself to chemicals on a daily basis…how do you know if your studio is safe!?!

I know I didn’t. I remember having a Shingles scare because of a rash that broke out while moving chemicals around my studio here in NYC several years ago.

One of our SOS coaches, Sarah McAleer, overcame a bought with Sepsis that was brought on by poor ventilation in her studio.

How much are we risking as jewelry makers?

Today, we’re talking about best practices to have an eco-friendly jewelry studio and take control of your health and safety.

I invited Christine Dhein on the show to talk about how to protect ourselves from the inherent hazards that come along with being a jeweler and working on the bench.

You don’t have to give up the creative career you love to stay healthy. You just need to follow some best practices for a healthy, eco-studio.

Christine is an author, a jeweler and a grant-winning educator… She is the founder of Green Jewelry News, the author of “The Eco-Jewelry Handbook.”

Let’s get your studio in tip top shape on today’s show! Listen to episode #188 How To Protect Yourself From Health Hazards In Your Jewelry Studio.

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Understanding the Hazard of Owning a Studio

According to Christine, the two types of health hazards you should be aware of are the chemicals that are in the studio and the airborne particles that there may also be exposure to.

A way to balance that out would be keeping inventory of all the chemicals you use, what they’re being used for, and how long they’ve been there.

Another solution to creating a safer space is by doing some research on alternatives to chemicals or at least supplies that are less toxic.

We covered the many different solutions for protecting both surface metals and our systems from chemical toxins we don’t need.

Save Your Hard Earned Money

I’d much rather chuck the old and get new materials for my studio…how about you? Does the thought of replacing close to all of your supplies sound exhausting and expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! When Christine mentioned the price and versatility of flux, I immediately nodded my head — it’s a no-brainer!

Preparing your own flux — is more economical, lasts a lot longer, and can easily replenished with water!

It's not about buying a lot of expensive equipment, it's about thinking through your daily habits and making small, simple adjustments.

Christine documents her materials by their working properties, melting temperatures, and any other notes that come in handy.

Create an Eco-Friendly Studio

Yes, life gets busy. And hectic. And downright insane. But the space in which we aspire to safely create and express our passions doesn’t need to be overlooked.

I want it to be your favorite place and your safest space.

But you’ll need to want it as well.

For example, is your safety equipment comfortable? The less comfortable your goggles are, the less you’ll want to wear them, right?

But exposure to these chemicals is a simple thing to fix. And the benefits are more crucial than you may think.

Educating yourself about bench safety is an ongoing process…

Remember Why You Are a Designer

Christine and I want to educate our makers and designers on the best practices when you’re on the bench.

In her new book “The Eco-Jewelry Handbook”, she guides you through the ins and outs of having a healthy, safe and sustainable studio. She also offers golden advice on how to also build a sustainable career in jewelry making.

Similarly, my goals are to teach our Thrive Tribe community the steps to guide and protect the things we appreciate most: our health and our passions.

Am I right?

xo, Tracy

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