#315 Hypnotherapy and Overcoming Mental Roadblocks for Artists with Elliot Roe

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I think we can all agree that growing a jewelry business isn’t easy. It’s part strategy, part talent, and part mindset.

The last “part,” mindset, may be the thing holding you back from reaching your goals as a jewelry business owner. 

It’s tricky because subconsciously your thoughts or beliefs about yourself or a specific situation might be holding you back from your highest potential – or what my friend Elliot Roe would call your peak performance. 

If you feel frustrated because you’re not reaching the goals you’d like in business, you’re going to love Elliot. He’s a hypnotherapist who’s helped his clients make hundreds of millions of dollars just by working on their mindset. 

He also has an amazing app called Primed Mind that uses a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy, and performance coaching to help you achieve states of peak performance, effortless calm and deep sleep in only minutes a day.

He came on the podcast to talk about what it means to operate at peak performance and how changing your mindset can change your life…

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What is peak performance?

Elliot likes to describe peak performance in terms of shapes. 

We all start off as cubes, but as you hone your mindset, you gradually shave down the surface to become a sphere, allowing you to move freely.

You likely already know what you should be doing to operate at peak performance and achieve your goals, but you may find yourself hitting roadblocks because you feel an internal resistance holding you back from doing it.

This is why mindset work is so valuable.

How can hypnotherapy help you achieve peak performance?

It’s very easy to ask someone what they need to do and tell them to start doing it. But if that was all it actually took, Elliot would be out of a job.

Standard coaching often approaches problems through a lens of accountability and perseverance.

For instance, if you’re severely uncomfortable making sales calls, a coach might set up a system where you track all the calls you need to make and report to an accountability partner so that you’re more likely to force yourself to get it done.

This is treating the symptoms rather than addressing the problem at its root.

A hypnotherapist, on the other hand, would help you uncover the source of your discomfort around making sales calls, and guide you to overcome your resistance, change your mindset and become more comfortable with it.

What else can you do to improve your performance?

Your mindset is vital to your success as a business owner, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

When Elliot works with clients, he also looks at small changes they can make in their lives that will have a huge impact.

Sleep, diet, and exercise are the obvious ones, but he also stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Your network should be full of supportive people who want to see you succeed; it makes all the difference.

When you’re ready to start working on your mindset, download Elliot’s app, Primed Mind. It’s full of free hypnotherapy session audios that can help you with everything from networking, to confidence, to getting a good night’s sleep.

Plus, listen to the full episode above to hear more about how your mindset could be the key to achieving success.

xo, Tracy


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