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The Momentum Marketing Scorecard

If you keep scratching your head, wondering why you are only getting trickles of traffic to your site and low social media engagement, you’ll discover some things that might be missing from your digital marketing strategy.

Plus... We have a bunch of articles in the archives on sales and marketing you might find helpful.

How to Write a Compelling Jewelry Designer Bio For Expert Branding

Are you struggling to write a compelling About Me page for your jewelry brand? Unsure about how to ...
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5 Mistakes Designers Make when Photographing Jewellery

This is a guest post by Jess Van Den, the maker of Epheriell jewelry & the founder and ...
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Mystery Solved: the Top 10 Topics to Cover on Your Jewelry Blog

Over the past several months, Robin & I have been teaching one of our signature courses, Ramp Up ...
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How Independent Jewelry Designers Can Connect with Celebrities

There's a right and wrong way to connect with celebrities. One thing I learned early on in my ...
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Top Tips for Having Maximum Sales at Jewelry Trade Shows

Having a fantastic, eye-catching jewelry booth will capture the interest of show attendees, but having a successful show ...
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How to Use Video to Rock Your Jewelry Business: Tips From a Video Rock Star

Have you ever wanted to try video to promote your jewelry business but weren’t really sure how? Where ...
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