How to Get a Retail Buyer’s Attention (and Get Them To Email You Back)

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Are you tired of sending emails to buyers and only getting crickets in response?

We know! It can feel frustrating and defeating.

Over the past several years, the retail landscape has changed and it has become increasingly more difficult to grab the attention of buyers. So what’s the best way?

Great question! During our prep and interview process for our Design to Thrive Series, Robin and I have been interviewing loads of buyers to find out “what makes a designer stand out” these days!

Here’s How to grab a retail buyer’s attention (and get them to email you back):

1. Create a thorough concise presentation

Put a great deal of effort into crafting your presentation. The first thing a buyer will notice is how much effort you put into your proposal, so be thorough, concise and informative. (Remember, thorough does not mean wordy.)

2. Keep it short and sweet

Buyers are inundated on a daily basis with designer solicitations. Educate them but keep your presentation personal, interesting and short. A general guideline is to keep your pitch to 3- three sentence paragraphs.

3. Be original

Original design, a unique take on a jewelry technique or process is what all buyers are seeking.  To be considered, they want FRESH and new products that will add to their assortment. Push your design aesthetic, make sure you are submitting something new and different based on the store’s current assortment.

4. Submit beautiful photographs of your work

While great designs go a long way, a picture speaks a thousand words. Make sure you share only the absolute best photographs of your designs. Your pitch may be great and on paper you may be exactly what they’re looking for, but if the pictures of your designs are shotty or inconsistent, they’ll probably pass.

5. Play up your story and your unique brand positioning

Your story and brand positioning are what makes you unique and different from the thousands of other jewelry designers out there. Make sure your entice buyers by clearly communicating your values, points of differentiation and brand angles.

6. Act Professionally

If you do get a correspondence going, be sure to keep all communication as professional as your initial outreach. Read emails before you send them to insure that there are no typos and all requested information is included. Getting too comfortable or lazy can send the message that you are difficult or flaky to work with and may cost you the opportunity.

7. Be confident

Regardless if your are working on landing your first account or 30th account, make sure that you act like you know what you are doing and like you are confident in your work’s saleability. Buyers pick up on beginner energy so get your confidence MOJO on.

8. Follow up

Remember, buyers are busy! If you send an email and the first time you hear crickets, follow up with another email or phone call. The general rule of thumb is about a week between correspondences. Remember be persistent and consistent (but not annoying).

Finally don’t let crickets or a “NO” hold you back. Often times its just a “NO” for now.

Another little trick: “act as if” you are already selling to loads of stores and catalogs. Visualize it in your mind. Build your confidence and put your focus there. What you focus on expands.

We Want to Hear from You! In the comments below, answer the following:

1. If wholesale is part of your business model, what is holding you back from reaching out to buyers.

2. Which of the tips above are you going to add to your strategy? Tell us any other tips you’ve used with success to catch a buyer's attention.

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