The Desired Brand Effect by Tracy Matthews Featured in JCK Online Magazine

The Desired Brand Effect by Tracy Matthews Featured in JCK Online Magazine - Blog Post Featured Image

Since it’s publication on November 9th, The Desired Brand Effect has been making waves in the industry.

The book even landed an editorial feature in JCK Online Magazine, titled “Jeweler Pens Book To Help Other Creatives Build Strong Businesses.”

In her first book, Matthews says she wants to help jewelers and other creatives define their messaging, establish long-term customer relationships, and sell more jewelry in a meaningful way for both sides of the transaction.

If you’ve ever struggled in your business, you’ve probably fallen into the trap that countless jewelry designers have: you’ve built a life that supports your business, instead of a business that supports your life.

The business you once dreamed of has essentially become another job.

I did the same thing over a decade ago.

As a former jewelry designer and business owner, Tracy Matthews understands the pressures jewelers feel to find and retain clients, master social media, and connect their story to the jewelry they sell.

After the bankruptcy of my first jewelry business, I co-founded Flourish & Thrive Academy to teach jewelry designers just like you the necessary tools and strategies to establish an online brand that fits your lifestyle.

Our coaching programs have been key to thousands of designers finding success online. Still, I always wanted to create something that could reach a much wider audience.

The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in A Saturated Market With A Timeless Jewelry Brand takes the essentials of everything we teach in our business accelerator at Flourish & Thrive Academy and condenses it into one book jam-packed with resources, case studies, and real-world advice you can start applying in your business immediately.

The key to standing out online? Your story.

Jewelers also have to share why they are doing the work—the personal story… [Tracy’s] custom work grew when she shared the story of redesigning jewelry she inherited from her mother into new pieces—that message about her personal journey attracted customers who trusted her to do the same with their heirlooms.

I’m full of gratitude for JCK’s willingness to feature my book, and I hope the extra publicity helps it reach the shelves of business owners who can benefit the most from my story.

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