Time to Change Your Story?

Time to Change Your Story? graphic

There are two types of designers – two types of people in entrepreneurship…

The first are those who don’t really value their time….  

They’re stuck in the same old story about how nothing ever works for them.

They’re small-minded. They get caught in their head about the way things “should” work in business.

The second are those who value their time MORE than investing in themselves.

These people know that in order to grow as a business owner – you need to move quickly…

You need to be able to pivot…

You need to test things…

And you don't take little setbacks and failures as a “no” or a “this won't work for me…”

It's just more information to test what will work.

Full confession: I used to be the first type but now I’m the second. And if you want to up level your business, you might need to change YOUR story too.

Creating a six+ figure business will require it of you…

You have to commit yourself to consistency. You have to get out of the small-minded mentality and take action. No matter what.

I ran into a former client in NY. She told me her online sales had DOUBLED in the last year. She said she had only made a couple of small changes…

She was emailing her list more than she was comfortable with and she was always putting herself out there.

This is what it takes. You have a build a list and you need a consistent plan to keep growing that list. I’m not talking about a list of 100 random people. I’m talking curated.

You have to reach out to former customers regularly. Stay connected to them. Keep putting yourself out there.

One of our former clients who’s actually a coach for us now is making 7 figures in her design business. And she’s teaching other designers how to grow.

She told me she gets scared before she sends an email to her list because she’ll get TOO MANY sales. Can you imagine??

If your business is going to be sustainable, you also need multiple revenue streams.

You can’t put all of your eggs in one basket!

If you build your company on wholesale and then you lose one of your two key clients, what happens? Your business might be dead.

Building up these streams of income means protecting your business from recessions. That’s true sustainability.

Things are changing in the economy. They’re changing in business. We need a mindset that lets us roll with the punches.

If you have that – if you’re not afraid to put yourself out there and try new things, you’ll stay ahead of the game.

It’s SO important to value your time and focus on those few key actions. That’s how you create sustainable success.