EP357: 5 Steps to More Online Sales This Summer

EP 357 Blog Feature

During the summer months, most independent jewelry designers fall into one of two camps:

  • Either summer is your slowest season and you’re focused on prepping for holiday sales…
  • OR, you sell summer-focused jewelry and your busy season is just beginning.

Whatever your situation may be, Q3 is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get some extra cash flowing in your biz.

A while back, I did a 1:1 audit for a student of ours. She was highly successful on paper, selling over $500k of fine jewelry a year, but she was freaking out.

Despite her awesome sales numbers, she hardly had enough money left over each year to pay her business licenses

It just didn’t make sense.

So we combed through her business and found two core issues. One, her prices were too low. And two, she wasn’t setting intentional goals for her online sales.

Without a direction, she was essentially flying by the seat of her pants and struggled to implement any real, effective strategies in her business.

Her story leads me to the very first step you can take to boost your online sales this summer…

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Set A Goal For Your Online Sales

The designer who booked an audit with me is not the only creative struggling to set goals. I see it all the time.

Most people have the vague idea that they want to “sell more jewelry” or “increase profit,” but you need a clear definition of what that means if you want to get results.

That means you need a number.

I usually recommend looking at your sales from the year before, set a sales goal that is slightly higher, and then break that down into exactly how much you need to sell to hit the mark.

Once you have a goal, it’s time to take action.

Think Of Your Website As Part Of Your Sales Machine

Your website is at the heart of your online sales strategy. Everything you do as a business should lead people back to your website.

Most independent jewelry designers build their business on in-person events, trunk shows, and craft fairs. That’s great, but in order to get sustainable, long-term sales growth, you need an omnichannel business.

So how can you recreate the in-person experience online and keep building brand loyalty, even after events are over?

  • Get people to join your email and SMS marketing list, both online and offline.
  • Send out marketing emails and SMS messages at least once a week, minimum.
  • Reach out to customers after they order to build a relationship and even suggest other products they might like.
  • Engage with your audience consistently on social media.
  • Use incentives to get customers from events and third-party platforms (like Etsy) to shop directly on your website.

All of these strategies will drive more traffic to your website and keep people connected to your brand year-round.

Look Through The Lens Of Your Customer

It’s impossible to sell something if you don’t understand who you’re selling to.

So think through the lens of your dream client. What are they looking for this summer?

Maybe your dream client is planning an engagement soon. She’s looking for a dazzling ring she can show off to her friends that will fit right in with a sunny engagement photoshoot.

Maybe your dream client is a busy mom in vacation mode. She’s looking for a few versatile pieces of jewelry that work for a day on the beach with the fam and that fancy dinner she’s treating herself to in the evening.

Maybe your dream client has a daughter who is graduating soon. She’s looking for a personalized gift that her daughter can cherish after she’s gone off to college.

The point is, people are busy. How can you connect with them on a personal level and position your jewelry as something that meets their unique desires?

The 3 steps I’ve touched on so far won’t be effective without a high-converting website and powerful marketing strategy to boot. 

Listen to the full episode above to get a full picture of how you can boost your online jewelry sales this summer.

xo, Tracy


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