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Welcome to the Thrive by Design Podcast, Episode 35! I’m especially excited for today’s episode because we’re going to be talking about one of the most common struggles for jewelry designers today.


We listened to you and one of the biggest things we hear from the designers in our Flourish & Thrive community is that they feel overwhelmed by their jewelry business.


Hearing this makes me bummed, so I want to help you with that. Feeling overwhelmed all of the time is “no bueno’ and frankly unproductive.


No designer or maker wants to feel that way!


In today’s episode, I’m unpacking the Biggest Misconception About Why YOU feel overwhelmed by your jewelry business (and what to do about it).


I’ll share my biggest tips on how to work smarter, not harder in your jewelry business.


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Now, I wanted to cover some of the ways to make more time in your business. Here are some tools you can use to combat that misconception of overwhelm:


Step into the Visionary Role


A visionary is someone who is driving the creative force behind the business. You’ve heard it before: work ON your business instead of IN your business.


Create Routines & Build Structure into Your Day


Routines and rituals are a powerful tool to keep you on track and motivated throughout the day.


Outsource When You Can


As soon as you can, hire on others who are better at what you do than you are! This frees you up to be focused on the most highly leveraged tasks in your business.


Listen to the episode to find out the tasks that I recommend outsourcing first to take “stuff” off your plate (and focus on the right stuff).


Create Production Practices


Creating a production system is vital to long term growth in your jewelry business. If you are someone who wants to stop feeling so overwhelmed, documenting the production process is a must.


Even if you are going it alone, solid production systems will be a lifesaver and I share exactly why in the episode.


Plus so much more in this episode…


If you haven’t listened to it yet, a few weeks ago we released an entire episode on Time Optimization Strategies with a bonus downloadable Time Optimization Checklist.


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xo, Tracy Matthews
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