#60 How to Use Instagram to Spike Your Holiday Sales with Melissa Camilleri

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Now that F&TA Live is over…there is only one thing I’m thinking about….

The big debate….

No, not the presidential debate last night (not going to get political here)….

But the debate about the new changes in Instagram and how that’s going to affect holiday sales.

Debates and elections aside…there’s no question that the holiday season is creeping in.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just two months away.

If you know anything about Instagram, it can be a HUGE tool to drive traffic and sales for your jewelry brand..

Holiday sales have been the focus of the podcast lately…for good reason…

Today is no exception because we are ‘debating’ about some of the new changes on Instagram….more importantly……

How to use Instagram to Spike Your Holiday Sales.

My guest on today’s episode is the incredibly brillz Melissa Camilleri of Compliment, Inc.

Melissa is a jewelry business owner, a former teacher, and an Instagram maven.

She’s also a longtime member of the Flourish & Thrive Academy community and the creator of the raved about 21 Day Instacourse.

Together Melissa and I will teach you how to leverage Instagram’s new changes in order to increase your sales this holiday season.

This is one of those episodes that is so full of great info that you might have to listen twice!

So let’s get started!

(And keep reading for two awesome freebies)

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Business Accounts With Instagram

As we speak, Instagram is rolling out the option for business owners to switch their Instagram account from personal, to a business account. You’ll know when you have the option to switch when you see a banner at the top of your app when you sign in to your account.

Melissa has made the switch and so has F&TA, and we really do recommend it…if for no other reason, then for the analytics offered to business accounts. Business pages will show you when your followers are most active, what your top posts are and your engagement for the week.

The New Instagram Algorithm

Here’s how the new Instagram algorithm is working: the more people that see and interact with your photo, the more people Instagram will show that photo to. It’s very similar to Facebook business pages!

This goes back to using the “insight” analytics for your business Instagram account that show you when your followers are active. Posting when your following is most active can bump your engagement and get your posts to the top of the feed.

Instagram Stories

When you login to your account and see the icons with rainbow circles around them at the top, you are seeing the new feature – Instagram Stories. It’s super similar to Snapchat stories, and can be a really great way to build relationships with your followers.

Stories only last for 24 hours and then disappear. Unlike Snapchat, your followers can interact with your video through direct messaging. It’s a great way to show some fun, informal, behind the scenes snippets of your business that don’t become part of your Instagram quilt.

I could keep going forever! Melissa is such a wealth of knowledge.

Listen to the episode to hear the two of us workshop Instagram Stories and get her insight on Instagram options for your jewelry biz.

But I’m going to switch gears somewhat and tell you all about Melissa’s special gift for you today!

She’s offering a free workbook called How to Build an Engaged Community on Instagram!

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And one more thing!

Melissa will be hosting a free Masterclass all about Instagram’s new changes with Robin and I!

Join us on October 3rd at 7:30 PM EDT (4:30 PM PDT) to learn all about 3 Tips to Spike Instagram Engagement.

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Last time we did a webinar with Melissa we came super close to running out of seats, so I totally encourage you to register now if you think you want to attend.

(You should attend!)

xo, Tracy

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