#76 How to Market and Grow Your Brand Like a Boss-Lady Even When the Sh*t Hits the Fan with Nicole Gariepy

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Let’s face it… Owning a jewelry biz isn’t always easy.


… I know it hasn’t been for me.


So how are you going to deal with that fact?


Life doesn’t always cooperate. Shipments don’t arrive on time, you get sick, or maybe you find termites in your jewelry bench (totally not joking here… listen to the episode!)


It’s hard to push through when things get crazy. I’ve been there, too.


Stay focused and positive. You can conquer anything when you put your mind to it!


That’s exactly what my guest today, Nicole Gariepy, did and she’s soaring high this year after the best holidays sales of her career.


She faced a wave of disaster. But it didn’t knock her down, she surfed that thing. You go, girl!


I’m excited for you to meet Nicole because she’s one of us. She’s the jewelry designer, maker, and boss-lady behind Fantasea Jewelry and Elements by Fantasea.


Nicole’s also a Grad of our Laying the Foundation course and member of our Diamond Insiders Club. I’ve watched her brand grow into the powerhouse she is today and I’m so proud.


We’re going to chat about her brand, how identifying her DREAM client changed her biz, and how she’s marketing herself today for a successful tomorrow.


Let’s ride this wave right into the podcast…


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Don’t Let Bad Days Win


You’ve seen a little kid when they want something right? They’ll do just about anything to get it. Nothing slows them down!


That’s the amazing thing about kids. They’re super determined and positive. Plus, they haven’t learned to give in or be afraid, so they just keep pushing.


That’s exactly what I want you to do the next time you have a bad day, week or even year.


Don’t wallow in your problem, solve it! Focus on your goals, stay positive and do what needs to be done to move forward and achieve your dream.


Nicole’s story about overcoming obstacles in today’s podcast is going to thrill you. It’s so inspiring, and she handles it like a boss.


Know Your Market


Think it’s too risky to test your marketing? If you don’t how will you know what’s working and what’s not? Or what might work even better!


Nicole’s testing strategy paid off big time.


She thought that her DREAM clients were hanging out on Instagram. It turns out that wasn’t the case. They were on Facebook. She doubled down on her Facebook game and now she’s killin’ it!


Nicole’s also a girl who knows her market. Her biggest fans – friends and fam – are one of her best sources for referrals. So she engages them.


Are your friends and family are always rooting for you? Get them involved! They’ll be happy to share it with everyone they know. It’s all about the sharing economy.


How to Market and Grow Your Brand Like a Boss-Lady


Change Your Focus


Changing focus can be hard, but it’s totally doable.


Remember I mentioned Nicole was a graduate of our Laying the Foundation course? Well, I just had to ask what her biggest a-ha moment was during LTF.


… And you know what she said?


It was changing her focus to identify her DREAM client for the first time. This was a total game-changer.


So ask yourself, is your vision cloudy? Do you need to change your focus? You might be targeting the wrong clients or even have a business you don’t love anymore.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Identify the issue and change you focus today for a better business tomorrow.


We have an amazing training going on right now called Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp and it’s just about wrapped up. What a blast!


We’re ending the Bootcamp with a free Masterclass (for everyone!), How to Create an Unforgettable Brand in 2017.

We’ll show you a quick and easy blueprint for attracting the right clients, doubling your sales and working less. Sounds pretty good, right?


So if you’re ready for a change, take action now! Don’t wait. It’s happening tomorrow. Click HERE to sign up.


See you all in the Masterclass!


xo, Tracy

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