#83 Facebook Ads 101 for Jewelry Designers with Kathleen Cutler

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It’s no secret. Everyone is pretty much hanging out on Facebook.


So it’s naturally a really good way to connect with those DREAM Clients who’re gonna love your jewelry!


Because of the ever-changing algorithms…posting on your fan page every day isn’t going to cut it like it used to.


There’s some great news though: standing out to your Dream Clients doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating!


Using Facebook ads, your business can see serious growth in no time.


But before you think, “hold on…those don’t work for me, I’ve tried!”


We have a fantastic guest, Kathleen Cutler, who knows all about online marketing. Plus she has extensive experience selling 100’s of thousands (well a lot more probs) selling jewelry for her clients via Facebook ads!



Kathleen is a successful digital marketing who helps ecommerce businesses , reach their goals, and serve their DREAM clients one step at a time.


We love her over here at F&TA and have even invited her to do trainings for – our Diamond Insider’s Club and our Mastermind Intensive.


She’s really a gem herself and I’m stoked she’s here!


We’re ready when you are, hit play to get this FB ads party started!


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Still Spending Money without Seeing Results?


This is a common frustration for most people using Facebook ads. Boosting posts can be a great way to show up to your audience, but be mindful which audience you’re actually reaching.


Your page should be liked by people who are most likely to buy your jewelry, not just friends and other designers. Otherwise you risk wasting a lot of money on ads.


Facebook is really good at making it easy to run ads, but after listening to this episode you’ll know how to navigate your way to effective paid marketing!


Online Customers v. In Store Customers


Your ad strategy has to account for the fact people go on Facebook for other reasons than to shop. Getting their attention and convincing them to buy from you takes a completely different approach than someone in a store.


When someone walks into a jewelry store, you can probably bet they’re looking to buy something. Showing up in someone’s feed and asking for their money right off the bat is not the best way to make a first impression.


Learn what Kathleen recommends in today’s show!


Prepping People for Your Pitch


Always begin with a simple introduction to how you help people like them. Then, give them an incentive to join your email list. This way you can continue keeping in touch with them before asking for the sale.


This nurturing can happen over days, months, and even years. Getting people on your email list, and into your “funnel”, gives you an opportunity to build your relationship long term.


It’s easy to forget this online, but you’re building a relationship with a real person. It takes a few introductions before they trust you enough to pull out their credit card!


Tons of great info right!




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