#186 How to Become an A-Player in Business (and Get What You Want)

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Who are some of your favorite icons in the world? Maybe it’s Beyonce, or Marie Forleo, or Oprah, or a world leader.

They’re people that we look up to and admire, and may even want to be like in some capacity.

They are A Players.

What if I told you that you could be an A Player in business too? You might not believe me. When I was first creating my businesses I probably wouldn’t have believed me either.

But it’s true. Every single one of us has the capability to become an A Player in business and get exactly what we want.

That’s what today’s episode is all about. I’m taking all of the lessons about how to be one of the best that I’ve learned from the 3 (yes THREE) businesses that I’ve started, and sharing them all with you.

Do you want to play in the big leagues, and grow a business that makes a difference in your world? Then you need to be an A Player.

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Take Responsibility Your Actions and Your Business

We’ve all seen leaders and business owners who point every finger they’ve got at other people when thing go wrong.

If you want to be an A Player, don’t do that!

I totally get that it’s hard to always be the one taking responsibility for things because people on your team will make mistakes, but it's really about empowering people to take responsibility on their own! Because if they're not doing something according to your vision, you're probably not communicating the vision very well.

Hey…they don’t call me tough love Tracy for nothing!

See the Value of Investing In Yourself

When I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey I passed up a Lot of opportunities to get help from consultants and coaches who were experts in their fields. I didn’t see the value in investing in myself because I was thinking about it as a cost, not an investment in my business that was going to help it grow.

Instead of investing in my own knowledge as a business owner, I way too much money on beads and gems and more trade shows because I thought they’d get me in front of more customers.


A lot of the same people walk the same shows. And shows are expensive! So the expense almost sank my business.

What I Should have done was gotten some coaching or talked to consultants about how to improve that bottom line and increase my profitability

Have Goals

Last but not least, in fact probably the most important, if you want to be an A Player you’ve Got to have goals.

If you aren’t aiming at goals then you aren’t progressing, you’re probably just staying in the exact same place year after year in your business.

Here’s a tip from someone who learned the hard way… don’t let it crush you if you don't’ reach a goal. Goals are something that you're shooting for, but here’s the deal… if you didn’t have a goal, even if you didn’t make it, would you have ever gotten as far as you did without it?

Definitely not. So set a goal, leave no stone unturned in pursuit of it, and even if you don’t hit it make sure to celebrate that you’re taking action and moving forward.

I have so many more tips to share with you about becoming an A Player in the episode!

Give it a listen and let me know in the comments which one (or multiple) characteristics of A Players you’re going to work on cultivating in yourself.

xo, Tracy

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