#91 The 7 Stages to Accelerate Jewelry Business Success

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Designers always ask me,


“Tracy, how did you create a jewelry brand that consistently generates multiple 6 figures and only spending 10% of your working time in it?”


Well, it wasn’t because of the 30 page business plan I wrote!


That bad boy just collected dust, never to be looked at again.


Truth is: There’s no cookie cutter jewelry business.


No one size fits all.


Years ago, there was one way to have a jewelry business.


Selling wholesale.


Today, there are many ways to be successful selling and designing jewelry.


The process of growing your jewelry brand is unique to your goals.


No matter how you’re running your business, I’ve discovered simple daily action steps are way more effective than a 5 year plan that you’ll likely never look at.


There are stages in business that build upon each other.


On the show, I’m sharing the 7 stages I went through before getting to where I’m at in my jewelry business.


Wanna know what they are? Press play now!


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The 7 Stages to Accelerate Jewelry Business Success


Start Where You Are


Getting started is the most important part. So plan for the business you already have, not the one you think you’ll have in a year or even 6 months.


You also don’t want to start from the very beginning if you already have a good thing going! Make a 6 month or even a 6 week plan to get started.


Random Acts of Creativity


We are all guilty of this as creative people. Getting an idea and running with it is super fun! Be careful of these random bursts of creativity. They can get you off track and make you lose focus on your goals.


This is why it’s so important to work in defined stages. Then, within that stage, go crazy with creativity! Just don’t jump stages or skip steps.


Cultivating Consistency


Being consistent is something you can learn. Discipline is the difference between sporadic sales and steady income as a business owner.


Following stages gives you a proven guide for your efforts. It gives you the best shot at focusing on what you need right now to reach your goals!


Our Diamond Insiders gives you a proven path to follow these 7 stages!


Having a clear direction is key to accelerate your business forward.


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xo, Tracy


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