#90 10 Content Creation Ideas to Promote Your Next Jewelry Launch

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There are so many fun and unique Holidays to plan promotions around!


It’s not just during December.


People go nuts over National Siblings Day or National Dog Day!


No matter the Holiday or event, there’s one piece of the puzzle you can’t afford to forget!



You might be thinking, “I sell jewelry, why is content important?”


Creating great content your Dream Clients are interested in gives them an easy introduction to your brand!


Not to mention, picking up website traffic through Search Engine Optimization.


You’re getting yourself “out there” without being spammy or slimey.


Which is always a good thing.


If these concepts sound intimidating, you’re not gonna want to miss this episode!


I’m simplifying what it means to create buzz around your jewelry promotion using great content.


Let’s dive in!


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Keywords in Content


Don’t overthink this. All you need to do is understand what people would be searching for if they needed your jewelry.


Think location, specialty, and signature style. Are you a Los Angeles Custom Silversmith? Put those words on your website so search engines can point people to you!


Getting Creative about Content


Who says big news outlets get to have all the fun? Create your own gift guides or “looks for less” around the Holiday or event. They don’t all have to be your designs, you can collab with other brands!


Once you create a piece of content, repurpose it! Email your list, share on social media, create videos around it. Make each piece of content into 10 pieces!




Focusing on Your Strengths


Show what you’re known for in your content. Do you have a special technique, specific design method, or ritual while creating your jewelry? Maybe styling and keeping up with fashion trends comes easily to you, focus on that!


This applies to how you deliver content too. If you are a good writer, embrace blogging. If you like talking, maybe create some audios about your creative process. You can use videos, graphics, interviews, case studies, etc.


Remember, the sky is the limit!


xo, Tracy


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