#179 How to Create Branded Collaborations and PR Experiences with Janine Just

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A recent NY Times Article announced that Conde Nast is selling off 3 of its publications due to a shrinking pool of advertisers and changes in the way content is consumed…

…which in recent times isn’t so much on the printed page.

So what’s a jewelry brand to do to get exposure for their designs?

It’s true, the landscape of the jewelry industry and PR is changing – rapidly.

One of the big changes is the shift from Print to Digital and experiential consumption.

And those who discover how to navigate the new landscape will rise and prosper…

PR is NOT dead…it’s just different.

Branded experiences create brand evangelists who leverage the digital landscape to create exposure for you.

Today on the show, I have my friend Janine “JJ” Just with me to talk about all things brand collaborations and PR experiences to get awesome exposure for your brand.

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Here’s a glimpse at what we cover…

The Current State of Print PR

A recent report in the NY Post said that traditional PR is dead, primarily because publications are shutting down because they are losing pages and advertisers. Even though traditional PR is still around, more and more brands are moving to different mediums to reach their customers.

Some are investing in digital ads and going direct while other opt to spend their ad dollars on experiences where they can get in front of the right influencers and consumers.

Experiences– the New Wave of PR?

Big brands spend upwards of $500K for an incredible PR experience. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to partner with brands and collaborate on an experience. Great experiences can be budget friendly by partnering with the right companies or hosting on your own.

When people think of jewelry, they don’t necessarily think of an event at a restaurant or coffee shop. Instead, you can attract an organic base of followers or influencers at your headquarters or studio.

Curate a sip and see, an intimate dinner or a curated invite list to attract editors, segment producers, influencers, marketing partners, local celebrities

Create Evangelists for Your Brand

You are a storyteller and inserting that story of your who, what, why and where in what’s behind the brand. The experience you curate brings together media relationships. So influencers, celebrities, potential marketing partners, segment producers, editors, the gamut for that of everyone that's coming through that door is someone extremely influential that can help amplify your story.

At the end of the day, those guests and media partners start evangelizing your brand… 

It’s a win-win: the brand has additional touchpoints and awareness starts to spread through these tangible relationships. For the media, it helps create that momentum for the brand.

Listen to the full story on today’s episode and start planning your next experience.

xo, Tracy

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