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#125 The Truth About Overnight Success with Abby Walker

By Tracy Matthews / November 28, 2017

You hear the stories all the time.   Athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs…everyone talks about their so-called overnight success.   When suddenly they burst onto the scene and everyone is talking about how great they are.   So here’s a…

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#115 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 5: The Metrics to Track to Measure Your Success Online

By Tracy Matthews / September 22, 2017

How do you know your online marketing is working?   I’m talking with designers almost every day, hearing things like,   “I never know what’s working…” or “that doesn’t work for me…”   But often times they can’t…

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#97 How to Triple Media Leads in 30 Days or Less with Andreea Matei

By Tracy Matthews / June 13, 2017

Building a jewelry business on a budget just became easier.   Instead of spending countless hours hauling your collections around the country going to expensive events, you can get amazing press coverage at no cost to you!  …

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#95 How to Sell OOAK to Retail Stores

By Tracy Matthews / May 30, 2017

Think you can’t sell your OOAK designs to retail stores ?   That making one off pieces is only good for in person events or online sales?   Think again!   In this ever changing economy, store owners…

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#92 How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Jewelry Business with Nathan Hirsch

By Tracy Matthews / May 9, 2017

The best part about owning a jewelry business?   You get the choose which 18 hours you work each day!   But seriously, did you think having your own business would eat up all your time?   Truth…

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#91 The 7 Stages to Accelerate Jewelry Business Success

By Tracy Matthews / May 2, 2017

Designers always ask me,   “Tracy, how did you create a jewelry brand that consistently generates multiple 6 figures and only spending 10% of your working time in it?”   Well, it wasn’t because of the 30 page…

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#88 How to Create a Marketing Plan for a Jewelry Promotion

By Tracy Matthews / April 11, 2017

Owning a jewelry business is FUN!   Being a jewelry designer, myself, I know as well as you…   There isn’t anything better than getting an email from a client gushing over the new piece they just bought!…

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Email Marketing: Finding the Right Provider for Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / March 27, 2017

Still on the fence about email providers?   Afraid to make a decision or maybe even afraid to learn how it works?   We have good news!   Technology is always changing.   Which means email marketing software…

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#85 Legal Protection for Your Business with Lisa Fraley and Genavieve Shingle Jaffe

By Tracy Matthews / March 21, 2017

We’ve all been there.   Your business is getting up and running, you have consistent sales, and everything’s just peachy!   It’s exciting!   Then you get a Cease and Desist letter in the mail.   Panic.  …

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Marie Forleo’s B-School Review: Is it Right for Your Online Jewelry Business?

Marie Forleo’s B-School Review: Is it Right for Your Jewelry Business?

By Tracy Matthews / February 20, 2017

As a jewelry designer or maker, you might be trying to build a better online presence, attract new and repeat customers to your website and overall just make more sales online. You may have also heard about a…

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