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3 ways to AMP up your Holiday Jewelry Sales

By Tracy Matthews / September 12, 2012

The temperature starts to change, kids are back in school and holiday travel plans are being made. Bye, bye summer, hello autumn! As sad as I am to see summer leave, I’m always happy to welcome the beginning…

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Maximum Impact at Holiday Craft Shows with Jenna Herbut

By Tracy Matthews / September 10, 2012

The holidays are coming upon us more quickly than we think! It’s time to start preparing for the holiday season! Our topic for the week is “Preparing for the Holidays” and it all starts today. My friend, Jenna…

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Be Famous: How To Showcase Your Designs

By Tracy Matthews / September 5, 2012

Author: Beth Smith Your products are an extension of you. You love them. You create them. They reflect you and your passions. So, don’t just shuttle them off into a corner and hope to “sell them one day.”…

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Why you need a Brand?

By Tracy Matthews / August 14, 2012

Guest Post by Laura Garnett I love talking about “brand;” it’s my passion and it’s fun for me because it’s a meaty and complex subject.  However, why specifically would any jewelry designers benefit from branding themselves? I would…

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7 Proven Tips to Increase Exposure for Your Independent Jewelry Brand

By Tracy Matthews / August 6, 2012

Updated: September 17, 2018 Independent jewelry brands have to focus on getting consistent exposure. Why? Because when you’re going up against brands that have been in the business for decades (or more) you have to be top of…

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