5 Things You Need in Your Small Business Digital Marketing Plan

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It isn’t easy to make a name for yourself. All the talent and artistic ability in the world can still go unnoticed, especially in a $230-billion industry. This problem is exactly why marketing exists.

But marketing itself has changed shape. Where we once handed out flyers on a street corner or left business cards on countertops, we now have social media posts, email campaigns, and so much more.

Traditional marketing has its place, but digital marketing is here to stay. And with the right tactics in your digital marketing plan for your jewelry business, you can make a name for yourself and get your work the recognition it deserves.

Why digital marketing over traditional?

The jewelry business isn’t what it used to be. And this is great, honestly. We have more options than ever before: personal sites, trade shows, Etsy, retail partnerships, and so on. But, with all these options comes an increase in competition. With an increase in competition, comes a need to branch out with your marketing.

In today’s market, someone can set up an online storefront during a single weekend, post some products, and start selling. That would have been next to impossible ten or twenty years ago. While your jewelry is unlike anyone else’s, it’s also competing with everyone else’s.

Fortunately, digital marketing allows you to branch out beyond your local market via paid search, content, social media, email, and more. And not only does digital marketing allow you to cover more ground, it’s also got a lower cost of entry. A digital marketing campaign can cost time, or mere dollars to start. Traditional marketing, like running promotional flyers or issuing press releases, takes a significant amount of time and funding in some instances.

Lastly, digital marketing is a must if you want to stay competitive. Remember how quickly someone can set up an online storefront? Those same people can launch an email campaign, start promoting on their branded social profile, or send out guest post requests in a weekend. If you want to stay competitive in the ever-growing jewelry industry, you have to go digital.

5 must-have tactics in your digital marketing plan for jewelry business

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You don’t build a business selling one and only one jewelry design. You also don’t build a business intending to reach only one niche audience. You need a selection of jewelry, just like you need a variety of audiences. Fortunately, digital marketing gives the same, multi-faceted treatment to the marketing world.

Digital marketing encompasses a number of tactics, each one suited for different business needs and even audiences. Learn these tactics to create a marketing plan that truly works.

Social Media

Social media is good for a lot more than sharing photos of family and food. In fact, 54% of social media users research products on social media. With more than 4.2 billion social media users around the globe, that’s a big chunk of the pie waiting to be met with your product.

Social media marketing has a few forms itself, much like digital marketing. First, there are branded social profiles. Branded social profiles are any business profiles on social media. These profiles are useful for sharing updates, promoting new products, boosting any sales you’re running, and building general brand recognition.

There are also social media ads. Scroll through Facebook or Instagram right now and you’ll find promoted posts and ads. These are both social media marketing tools. Boosted posts are from branded social profiles, and are great for driving traffic to your social page. Social media ads are often promoting a site, like your jewelry store, instead of a social profile.

Content Marketing

Content marketing—any kind of marketing using content as the vehicle for getting the message across—is powerful, affordable, and everywhere.

Go to the site of your favorite brand and see if they have a blog. If they do, there are likely numerous articles targeting very specific terms that help them reach their audience. This is content marketing. This type of marketing is great if you’re wanting to reach a specific audience, establish yourself as someone with something to say, and set the stage for continuous growth.

But wait, there’s more! Quizzes and eBooks are also impactful forms of content marketing. Branded quizzes that offer your audience a fun experience are a great way to get your brand name out there. For example, you could build quizzes that help people decide what color or jewelry style suits their personality.

eBooks are a little trickier in the jewelry world, but they’re still doable. eBooks are essentially stand-alone pieces of lengthy content that offer value to your audience in exchange for their email. If your email list is nonexistent or still blooming, an eBook can go a long way in remedying that. Just remember: you have to offer something valuable in the eBook. Think about your personal knowledge and how you can translate that into a carefully-crafted eBook. Then, run with it!

We can’t forget video content. Video content marketing is any branded video you come across, whether on YouTube or social media or elsewhere. Video content can range from promotional videos to interviews with you or your team to holiday greetings. Video is important to include in your content mix, as it engages different senses than written content and appeals to an entirely different audience. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is any kind of branded email sent to recipients. Some email marketing is obvious, like an ad for a product, while others are simply engaging or brand building, like newsletters.

Email marketing is especially useful as it’s capable of accomplishing various goals and for very specific audiences. By segmenting your email list, you can determine who receives a particular email. This allows you to refine your targeting and send promos to certain people, newsletters to everyone, and product announcements to various demographics.

From product promotions to informational pieces to simple holiday greetings, email marketing does it all. Learn how to launch a successful email marketing campaign, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Paid Search

Paid search, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is a form of paid advertising that places your link at the top of search engines. In other words, paid search puts your site in front of a massive, massive audience. But, it also comes with a cost.

When creating a paid search campaign, one of the first things you do is choose what keyword you’re wanting to bid for. Every keyword comes with a different cost, largely dependent on the competitiveness of the keyword itself. If you’re going for a niche keyword, it could be cheaper. If you’re going for “jewelry business,” you’re going to need a big check.

Once you choose your keyword, you then set a budget. Anytime someone clicks your site, which appears at the top of a Google search for the target keyword, your allotted budget is docked for the price of that term. If a keyword is $1 per-click and you get 50 clicks, that’s $50.

Paid search, while potentially costly, is incredibly valuable when you go for the right terms. If you pay for a term that sends fifty people to your site a day, and half of those people are converting into customers, you could be making a great profit. It’s important you keep tabs on how much you’re spending versus how much your target term is bringing in revenue wise.

While paid search is technically a little more on the advertising side of things, it’s a core piece of any successful digital marketing plan.

Virtual Events

Virtual events, like content marketing, have numerous forms. You can host a virtual unveiling of your newest line, host a live jewelry class, lead a Q&A session with your fans, and more.

Virtual events are particularly useful when live broadcasted online. (But it’s always a good idea to record them for those that can’t attend.) Live events are a great way to engage with your audience, especially when you give your audience the chance to interact and ask questions. Not only will this get your current audience excited, it’ll likely lead to word of mouth advertising for your next event and further build your brand.

Like an eBook, virtual events need to have value for your audience. If you’re unveiling a new product, make the event fun and again, give people the chance to interact with you. If you’re hosting a class, make sure the tips are useful and actionable for beginners. And most of all, be yourself and have fun while hosting!

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