Episode 477: How to Connect On Instagram [and Social] With Your Dream Clients

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Hey there, jewelry mavens! Tracy Matthews here, live from Newport Beach where I'm celebrating my niece's graduation. This week, I've got something super exciting lined up for you on the Thrive by Design podcast. Last week's episode on “The Energetics of Daily Sales” got such a fantastic response that I decided to dive even deeper into one of the hottest topics in jewelry marketing – connecting with your audience on social media. 💎✨

Let's face it, online marketing is a whole different ball game compared to face-to-face sales. It's all about building relationships and having meaningful conversations with your dream clients. But how do you start and maintain these conversations, especially on a platform like Instagram? In this episode, I’ll share practical tips and real-world strategies to help you engage with your audience and boost your daily sales.

Understand who your dream clients are

The first takeaway is the importance of truly understanding who your dream clients are. This is something I explore in-depth in my book, The Desired Brand Effect, and our signature program, Laying the Foundation. But here's a sneak peek: knowing your customers' motivations, interests, and daily routines can transform your marketing efforts. So, if you're struggling with sales, it's time to get clear on your messaging and start those conversations that convert.

Optimize your Instagram profile so that you’re speaking to those dream clients.

Your Instagram bio probably includes pieces of information that just take up space – and at worse are repelling your customers.  I talk about what pieces of information to remove, and how to maintain a consistent brand image throughout your photos and reels.  If you are interested in a free IG Bio Audit – you can enter here for a chance to get yours audited by our team.

Develop a Content Strategy

Your content strategy should be about taking your ideal customer on a journey with your brand.  It should not just be random pictures of jewelry or collections.  I also discuss a veritable goldmine of content that you are probably sitting on without even realizing it!

As you dive into this week's episode, remember that success in online marketing isn't just about having the right products – it's about creating a connection with your audience.

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