Episode 478: Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Shop with Susan George

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Hi, Tracy here! Today’s episode is all about using TikTok to sell Jewelry.  I interview Susan George from Mediary Marketing, and let me tell you, she’s THE person to go to when talking TikTok Shop.

Susan started out as a professional musician but switched to social media and eventually became a social media brand strategy expert.  Right after having a baby, the pandemic hit.  But that didn’t stop her!  Her husband built her a home studio and she switched from Instagram to TikTok because she loved the community aspect and how it allowed her to make more personal connections with her followers.

When Susan mentions TikTok – people often comment “isn’t that the app with dancing teenagers?”  And while that used to be true, TikTok has become a powerhouse that rivals Google for providing information to knowledge seekers and has recently set its sights on competing with Amazon.  Susan responds to such comments by describing TikTok as “a virtual QVC in your pocket”.

Susan loves to use her husband’s business success as a powerful example of TikTok’s power.  He used to get a lot of questions about his products.  Susan urged him to start making videos on TikTok answering those questions and got him to create a TikTok Shop.  He started out with just 45 followers, but in less than six months he had made nearly half a million dollars in sales.

I ask Susan about the TikTok controversy.  Susan starts out by sharing that TikTok made American small businesses 14 billion dollars last year – far less money in ad spend and higher return than Instagram or Facebook.  This made a lot of powerful people really unhappy, but Susan believes TikTok is here to stay and that it will remain a powerful force multiplier for small businesses – including jewelry makers!

Susan shares ways in which TikTok can lower your shipping costs, automatically connect you with influencers who can make the most sales impact, generate a greater return on your ad spend than other platforms, and do the hard work of reducing your competition for you. She reveals TikTok’s goal to help business owners make $1-3 million dollars in sales every month!

This episode is jam-packed with details and strategies you don’t want to miss!


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xo, Tracy

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