How one Jewelry Designer Grew her online sales 197% in 1-Year

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Today I’d like to introduce you to one of our Momentum rock stars, Meghan Boehm,  of Meghan Bo Designs. Meghan pivoted from selling almost exclusively wholesale to a beautiful balance between direct-to-consumer and wholesale in less than 2-years! 

Before joining Momentum, Meghan’s Business was 90% Wholesale.

When Meghan joined our Momentum program 2-years ago, she had a thriving wholesale business. She was doing very well but was also concerned that 90% of her business came from wholesale. She wanted to build her direct-to-consumer business but didn’t know where to find the support and advice she needed to grow her online sales. 

Like many designers, Meghan started making jewelry as a hobby but quickly found that friends and family were interested in buying from her. She opened an Etsy shop, and her hobby turned into a part-time side hustle.

While on Etsy she connected with a local boutique and formed her first wholesale relationship. Initially, the shop was purchasing 1-2 dozen pieces at a time, but eventually, that grew to 100+ pieces each order. 

Meghan Discovered the Thrive by Design Podcast

Looking for advice on growing her jewelry business, Meghan listened to an episode of the Thrive By Design podcast. She learned that she needed more than an Etsy shop to continue to grow her business through email marketing. She needed her own branded website. 

Meghan’s business was growing so fast that she realized she needed help from the experts to figure out all the pieces of developing an online business, including sales, PR, marketing.

That’s when she joined our Momentum Program.

Initially, Meghan had a brief moment of hesitation before joining Momentum. She shared that she “wasn’t used to making any big investments in herself or her business and that she was not typically a risk-taker.” 

She questioned what she would get out of the program and felt a little nervous about the investment. After listening to several Thrive By Design Podcasts and interviews with our guests and designers, she knew it was something she needed to do. 

In Momentum, Meghan had access to jewelry industry experts to guide her and help her figure out what she needed to grow her online business. 

In Momentum, we worked with Meghan on: 

  • Diversifying and building a balance of wholesale and direct-to-consumer clients to grow a thriving business.
  • Getting clear on what needed to be done daily, weekly, and monthly by creating a roadmap for her business. 
  • Nurturing and growing her audience through consistent email marketing.
  • Putting systems in place to give her space to grow while also building a team to support her.

7-Months after Joining Momentum, the Pandemic Hit

Meghan shared that “January and February are typically slow months anyway, so the start to 2020 felt pretty normal”. But by March, most wholesale sales came to a halt, and Meghan knew she needed to commit herself even further to growing her online business, primarily because 90% of her business previously had been in wholesale. 

Fortunately, she’d already been a part of our Momentum program for several months at that point, so she had a good foundation for growing her online sales which included:

  • Understanding and marketing to her ideal clients.
  • Implementing the advice from her one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Consistently implementing her marketing roadmap for email and social media.

As a result, Meghan’s direct-to-consumer sales grew 197%, and her salary skyrocketed to 6-figures!

Meghan attributes her success to the advice and knowledge of her Momentum coaches and the entire Flourish & Thrive community of jewelry designers. 

One of her favorite parts of momentum was the “in-person event in NYC, meeting other people in the same boat, sharing knowledge, learning what works, and sharing vendor information.” 

Meghan believes “you can have a business you love and are passionate about.” When people ask how she’s been so successful, she explains that she figured out early on that she needed help to increase and grow sales and that she needed to get expert coaching in those specific areas.

What would it mean for you to make 2021 your best year ever? 

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