How One Jewelry Industry Veteran Tripled Her Sales Without Compromising Her Creativity

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If you want to create a successful jewelry brand, you have to learn how to run the business side of things, too. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing the creative process you love most.

Peggy Houchin sold her very first piece of jewelry when she was only five years old, and she’s been hooked ever since.

The inspirations for her unparalleled works come from a love for all things western. Her bold, all-American jewelry designs include extraordinary materials like turquoise, ivory, and even dinosaur bone!

A true maker at heart, she credits her adventurous upbringing in the American Southwest for the resourcefulness and creativity she needed to carve out a name for herself in the jewelry industry.

But even with over two decades of experience as a designer, Peggy still faced an uphill battle when trying to grow her one-of-a-kind jewelry business. 

Her passion for creating beautiful pieces of wearable art had gotten her this far, but things weren’t as set in stone on the business front. 

Without a clear vision for where she wanted to take Peggy Houchin Jewelry, her sales were stagnating, and she felt unfocused and unorganized when it came to scaling her brand.

Plus, she didn’t realize that her pieces were incredibly underpriced for the amount of time and labor that went into every design.

You would think that with such a well-defined style it would be easy for Peggy to narrow down her Dream Client and market to the people who resonated with her brand, but this was not the case.

A LOT of designers make the mistake of trying to market their jewelry to everyone, but honestly, that means you’re not actually marketing to anyone

You can’t develop an effective marketing strategy for your jewelry business until you know exactly who you’re trying to attract.

Peggy knew it was time for something to change. That’s when she discovered Laying the Foundation.

Laying the Foundation is our signature 12-week virtual program designed to teach independent jewelry designers how to create desire and demand for their unforgettable jewelry brand with the right clients and exposure.

She was intrigued. After all, the program is built to help jewelry designers through the process of getting clear on who to market to (along with a TON of other stuff to help you rock your biz!). 

Still, Peggy had her doubts.

I had a little bit of hesitation signing up because I was looking at the cost, and in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, ‘What’s the ROI going to be?’” she told me.

Today, she’ll tell you the cost only felt significant based on her numbers from before the program. She never imagined how quickly her sales would skyrocket.

Within the first 6 months of joining Laying the Foundation, Peggy’s sales increased by 200%, and her social media following shot up by 70%!

After her first Facebook Live event, which she did during her first month of Laying the Foundation, she made back the entire investment PLUS more! 

Again, that happened in the FIRST MONTH after signing up! #getitgirl

Using what she learned in Laying the Foundation, Peggy has built sustainable, consistent growth for her jewelry brand thanks to her efforts to…

  • Dial in communication with her customers and send out consistent emails and newsletters.
  • Set up ambitious monthly goals and get the guidance she needs to actually meet (and exceed!) them every time.
  • Update her pricing to reflect the true value of her jewelry. This enables her to make more money without needing to outsource the jewelry making work she’s most passionate about.

Above all else, she was able to niche down. Instead of marketing to everyone, she now focused on finding the raving fans who will buy her jewelry over and over again.

Peggy’s favorite part of Laying the Foundation was the Dream Client Clarity exercises. Once she knew who to market her jewelry to, everything changed for the better.

It didn’t all happen overnight, but it did happen pretty dang fast! 

Her dedication to implementing the techniques and strategies she learned in the program significantly elevated her jewelry business in less than one year of work.

It’s so helpful to get advice from others who’ve been through it instead of doing this all on your own,” says Peggy. “I feel so much better about my business after taking Laying the Foundation. It just renewed my whole interest in my jewelry business. It’s almost like a fresh start.

Could your jewelry business use a fresh start? 

If you desire to have a jewelry business that generates 5- or 6-figures, don’t go it alone. Check out Laying the Foundation for yourself

It’s the BEST investment you could possibly make at this stage in your business.