#286 Before & After Laying the Foundation: Hear from 4 Students

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After such an unpredictable year, I know a lot of makers may find themselves asking, “Is it really worth it to keep investing in my business?”

Today I hope I can show you why the answer should be a big ol HECK YES!

You’ll get to hear from 4 successful students from the #ThriveTribe about how they’ve transformed their businesses with the help of expert coaching.

I’m so stoked for this episode for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been wanting to get some of our students on the podcast for a while now.
  2. We just revamped our Laying the Foundation program to be better than ever – and enrollment closes soon!

Laying the Foundation is our 12-week signature virtual program designed to teach designers and makers like you to build desire and demand for your unforgettable brand. 

It’s outcome-oriented, which means our #1 goal is to help you implement data-driven strategies that actually get results.

It doesn’t matter what kind of creative product you’re selling, with the right guidance, you can make it happen.

But don’t take it from me, take it from these 4 LTF grads who have knocked their goals out of the park…

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Nicole Gariepy

When Nicole joined Flourish & Thrive Academy as a student, Fantasea Jewelry was only bringing in around 35k, and she was feeling burnt out.

Over the next year, she repositioned herself and grew her brand to the 75k mark, and then the next year she hit 100k. 

Nicole has since joined the team as a coach in our Diamond Insiders mentorship program, and her business has continued to grow even amidst a global pandemic.

That’s what led to her big “A-HA!” moment, which she talks about in the full episode above. 😉

Tisha Abrahamsen

Tisha has been a member of our community for nearly 5 years, and we’ve watched her brand, Andre Glass Jewelry, take off over those past 5 years.

She credits much of her success to the power of the attentive mentorship and valuable connections she’s been able to form through the Flourish & Thrive community.

You don’t want to miss what she has to say about her journey…

Dawn DiGesare

Dawn first took Laying the Foundation with us in 2013 and has seen skyrocketed her business to a whole other level, and she continues to learn from the course even now.

In fact, just like Nicole, she is actually one of our Diamond Insiders coaches! 

Dawn shared with us a little about how her life – and her brand, daVoria Jewelry – has changed over these many years.

Carolyn Hasset

Last but not least, Carolyn seriously put in the work when she went through Laying the Foundation. 

Her business was doing well when she came to us, but it wasn’t growing. She had hit that dreaded plateau that is all too familiar to many makers.

Dedicated to up-leveling her business, By Carolyn Dunne, she showed up every day for LTF, and that effort paid off tremendously! 

Listen to the full episode above to hear these inspiring success stories straight from the source.

And don’t forget, enrollment for Laying the Foundation is open – but not for long!

xo, Tracy


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