#254 How to Use Tik Tok For Your Jewelry or Creative Product Business with Elise Darma

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How do you achieve freedom and financial independence? By taking risks.

Elise Darma rebelled against her traditional upbringing and chose the freedom to travel instead of being tied down to a job. 

She made her dream come true when she started her own business providing social media marketing services. 

Social media is integral, now more than ever, to running your business – but learning a new platform can be intimidating. 

Elise is here today to give us advice on how to help your business thrive in a whole new way.

#254 How to Use TikTok For Your Jewelry or Creative Product Business with Elise Darma

“Now with quarantine and a lot more people at home, we've seen the usage just spiked and before quarantine, the average daily amount of time that people were spending on Tiktok was equivalent to Instagram.”

Welcome to Thrive by Design, the podcast for ambitious independent jewelry brands, looking to profit from their products, get ready to make more and sell more doing what you love, without spending every single waking minute doing it. Hey, and if you're a creative fashion or product-based business, I want to welcome you to the show. I'll be dropping big tips on launching, growing, and scaling your business. Spend more of your precious time using your creativity to make you ready. All right, let's do this.

‘s event and then some other things. Then we went to Laura's site. Yeah, I feel like that was what it was. Anyway, we finally are connecting and we're finally connected at Laura's event and we're talking. I remember you reaching out to me asking how the events 

And I'm like Laura's amazing. You have to go. And I recommend everything that she does. So then, you know, I found out you did more about Instagram and I recently bought one of your products and I was stalking your stories one day and saw that you were teaching people how to use Tik Tok for business.

So before we dive into all that, because I want to I'm really curious because I was exploring TikTok. I saw a bunch of jewellery designers featuring jewellery on there. And I think that there's sort of like an untapped market and a newer platform to kind of help us all get more sales. So why don't we start with your entrepreneurial journey, tell us a little bit about how you got started and stuff? 

Elise: Sure, I'll make it short and sweet, creative, just like probably the majority of people listening to this right now. And I was always a bit of a rebel. So I grew up in a very conservative religion. And then when I was 18, I was like, Nope, I want to do everything that's outside of the box now. 

So you started travelling. And yes, I got my degree and yes, I got a job but then I quickly didn't love that. So I started my business on the side, which was social media marketing services in 2013. And by 2014, I quit my job and I had a full time agency. So that's been my journey. I feel like since then, I've really learned online marketing and online business. But when I got started, it was solely to work online, so I could travel the world. And now my goal is financial independence. So I'm very excited about that.

Tracy: So I think one of the reasons why a lot of people become entrepreneurs is financial independence. In fact, the funny thing is, I was talking with one of my boyfriend, Jason's daughter's on maybe two nights ago when she was here, about starting her own business. And Jason and I were both talking to her about the reasons why it's awesome to be an entrepreneur and also, you know, some of the risks but I feel like there's so much upside. 

If you are willing to take a risk and put yourself out there and try all these things. So you were talking about financial independence and I think A lot of people who are entrepreneurs, that's like one of the main goals is really Freedom, freedom of time, freedom, to travel freedom to not have to go into an office freedom financially. 

Because when you're an entrepreneur and you play your cards, right, you have basically an untapped or uncapped ceiling of what you can actually earn. And so I love that you said that, and I know that a lot of the designers and creatives who are listening to the show, really resonate with that. So let's talk about TikTok? 

Elise: TikTok is another form of freedom and attempted a segue.

Tracy: So okay, so I was talking to you, I saw some things on TikTok, and I saw that you're talking about using it for business and you've been using it. So I want to know why you think TikTok is a place to actually be especially for people who are a little bit older. I mean, you're younger than me. I think you're in your early 30s and my late 40s. So really, it's funny because I'm following two people here: Jason's daughter, and My niece. Hannah, so I don't really think they're super young, they're teenagers. I don't know what I'm doing. So

Elise: That's fair. I think I feel the exact same way as you, even though we're not. We're in a different age range. I think anyone who's above being a teenager is going to feel that same way. So if anyone's listening and they open up the app, and they feel this overwhelming, like, I'm too old to be here, I think we all feel that. My experience with TikTok has been very experimental. It started last summer, when I was filming YouTube videos from my channel. 

And my team's like, Hey, you should do a video on TikTok, it's new and who knows what it could be. And actually, one of my friends messaged me, she said, This TikTok thing, do I need to be on it for my business? And so what I filmed was my experience of opening an account and creating an account and like being a user for the first time, and that video now has over 100,000 views people were super into my first experience as a TikTok user. This was last year. I posted maybe three times last year. 

And then at the beginning of this year, I was like, You know what, I'm going to post for 30 days straight and just see what happens. And I think I made it two weeks straight. But in that time of experimenting, I learned that. Listen, I'm not a dancer. I'm not a singer. I'm a performer. But I learned that I could still create videos that didn't require singing or dancing, and I could still bring attention to my business and so that's probably what you saw when you saw me posting on TikTok. 

It was five videos you can create that don't involve dancing but still bring attention to your business. So that's been my top journey. Now with quarantine and a lot more people at home. We've seen the usage just spiked and before quarantine, the average daily amount of time that people were spending and TikTok was equivalent to Instagram Instagrams allowed three minutes a day and TikTok was 52 I bet it's probably higher now. Oh my gosh, because we're all at home bored. 

And it's very, very entertaining. So just in terms of tic tocs growth, it's very similar to Instagram. Last we heard there were 800 million users, which probably way more than that. Now, we know that Instagram has a billion and, but separate from Instagram. What TikTok is great for is that it's a break from this need to be perfect. It's a break from overproduction, because we know Instagrams, a photo app. And, you know, photos always did really well, but that has created this overwhelm and just content taking way too long to create for Instagram, where TikTok is the opposite of that. So I think it's kind of a breath of fresh air for people.

Tracy: I'll probably be on TikTok or Instagram because I'm like, oh, gosh, what am I gonna write today? Okay, so that that's awesome. How many users are on Instagram right now. I never pay attention to this kind of stuff.

Elise: The last number that we got was over billion a billion.

Tracy: Okay, so 800 you said 80 million  – 800 million. Okay. 

Elise: Those are the last numbers we got. I am assuming that I'll probably be on. I'll probably be on  is higher just with the usage. That's happened recently.

Tracy: Okay, so let's talk about those five videos that you talk about doing for TikTok, that don't involve dancing or singing. And I'm also curious about other ways that jewellery and creative businesses can use TikTok for their business.

Elise: So the five videos I came up with are just somewhat broad for business owners and I do have a video on my YouTube channel that shows you demos, so that might be great to look at so you can see what I'm saying. Because TikTok is so visual so I can explain to you what those ideas were 

Tracy: I will link that in the show notes so that people can find it.

Elise: Perfect. Okay, so the easiest video you can make for your business is what I call talking head tips. So Think of an Instagram story where you get on camera and you're filming yourself talking to the camera for 15 seconds. Same thing with TikTok, you can share a tip for 15 seconds. The key is with TikTok just like Instagram, you want to make it specific to your niche and audience. So yes, there might be a billion users on TikTok just like Instagram. 

But you don't need random followers, you need people who are going to be interested in what you're offering and what your business is offering. So I like to share tips related to my niche and my audience. And as TikTok gets to know the content that I put out there, it's going to start to show me other videos related to my content. 

It's basically figuring out my own niche based on the content I put out there. And so that's the easiest you can do. Just film it 15 second tip bonus would be to add text on screen through tic tocs editing features just so people can see at a glance what you're talking about because you know people's attention spans. You will want to capture them quickly. So throw some text on the screen. And another bonus is to add a song into the background because TikTok is a musical app first and foremost. So use the songs that you have at your disposal.

Tracy: So quickly, when you add the text, Does that help? Does the algorithm pick that up to kind of show people would be interested in it? Or is it just more like when people come across your video? They know what it's about?

Elise: That's a great question. I don't know if the algorithm analyses the text, you overlay it and analyse your caption and your hashtags. So I would say the text is just really good to capture people's attention right away.

Tracy: And I'm going to ask you more questions about hashtags later, but let's talk about video number two.

Elise: So video number two is what I call Yup, nope. And so there's the song called choices. And this is probably better for you to see a demo of but basically the song is just it just goes like this. Yep. Nope. Yep. Nope. No, it's like it. So the song and someone just pulled that part of it. So it's super easy to film because once you find the song on TikTok, you can hit this button that says use the sound. And then you can then record yourself with the song playing. And so what you'll do is just move your head and shake it. Yep. Nope. to the beat of the song. 

Okay. All right, so you record that. Then once that's recorded, you go in and add text over top, the text would be questions. So essentially questions your audience would ask, and then your head movement answers the question. So for example, I created this video and I think one of my questions on screen was, are you employed? Nope. So I timed it. So my head was shaky. Nope. Do you own a business? Yep. Are you Instagram famous? Nope. Are you working from Mexico? Yep. So you can obviously get more creative than that. Those are very literal questions, but I find that this type of video does well When you have a kind of a plot twist or a surprise at the end so you can get creative there.

Tracy: Okay, cool. Yeah, that's really interesting. I like to talk about like, you know, do you design your Yep. Like, do you design when or like, do you work with this kind of metal and you sit kids say Nope, you do this.

Elise: Yep, exactly. Okay, cool.

Tracy: That was what got me intrigued. I was like, I want to see what this yep no thing is about and so I started to go. I went on Tik Tok signed up for my handles or whatever. And if you're listening to this What's your talk handle? Elise Dharma Elise doormat. So I have Flourish_thrive and Tracy Matthewsny same as my Instagram handles. And there's no videos there. I'm recording this but hopefully by the time this goes live, there will be some. But I was starting to look for those yet no videos to see what people are doing. And it was amazing how many like the kinds of things that came up. I don't know why, but they're serving the Christian teen boys who are waiting to have sex until marriage.

Tracy: Yeah, when you're a new account, you get the famous tiktokers on your screen and there's a term for it. I believe it's thirsty boys or somebody. This is like teen world. I'm beyond this, but I remember getting them in my feed too initially, but with time they eventually go away. 

Tracy: And then there was like a whole range of women who had arranged marriages. I'm like, this is fascinating. So they're in other countries, and they have arranged marriages. And one of them I remember was this beautiful woman. She's like, did you have an arranged marriage? Yep. And it was something about her husband and it was like a note or do you wish you weren't with your husband? And then she was like, are you madly in love with him? Like all these things and those interesting how you can use it, but I think there's do that for business. Okay, so video number three.

Elise: Video number three is what I call get to know me. So this is where you answer a common misconception or question that you get about your business for yourself, often, okay, so as business owners, we're used to answering questions for you to addressing misconceptions, so this one's fun, you find a song that you like, you can find a song that's trending or one that fits the vibe that you're going with. And then you don't have to talk on camera if you don't want to. But you can kind of film yourself like either thinking, or you can be shaking your head to the song. 

Or if you want to get creative, you can even make some hand movements where you're backing away text and you can edit it later where you're like pushing the text away. So that's a little next level, but it's very simple. Find a song you're either thinking you're shaking your head, you're looking kind of quizzical about it, or you can be bad in a way to text. And then maybe at the end, you do like a big Yes, or a big dance or something. So you can see with this video, you're kind of acting to the vibe of the song. The key to this one is the right text being on screen. 

So right away when you're thinking you could be putting your question on screen. Like I said, you could be batting away like nope, nope, nope. So those will be missed. conceptions. And then if you do want to reveal your answer at the end, that's where you kind of get excited or maybe dance. Shake your head. Yes. So this one's a little like abstract, but it makes sense when you find a song where you're like, Oh, yeah, that would work.

Tracy: Okay, give me an example. Did you find a song and do something with it?

Elise: I did. Yes. I have an example of each one of these. I will send you the link to that talk. And you can share it in your show notes just because I can't remember off the top of my head. Sorry, you're on the spot.

Tracy: Okay. So, when you're doing that kind of video, can you talk or is it like not you're not really supposed to talk?

Elise: Yeah, that's a good question. Most of my videos, I don't talk. I've been using the audio but I do find that the ones where I'm talking and giving a tip. They tend to do the best like Instagram or sorry, TikTok has picked up my account as being a good account for social media tips and Instagram tips. So I've actually done videos where I've talked and added music On top and TikTok allows you to adjust the volume of both. So you can make sure that your talking volume is louder than your music volume, which is super handy. So yeah, you can do both. And like I said, I find the videos where I'm talking and there's music, they tend to do better with views and shares.

Tracy: Okay, awesome. Awesome. Okay, video number four.

Elise: Number four is what I call the before and after story. So you can probably sense where I'm going with this one. In business, we like to share the transformation that either we or our customers have experienced. So this is what you're going to share in this video. So again, find a song that you like, then you're going to want to film clips that illustrate what you or your customer experienced before your business, your product, your offer, whatever it is. Then you want to film clips that really illustrate the transformation that happened after your product was offered. 

So this one could involve a little bit of acting a little bit of improv. There is a trend on TikTok. I've always want to say Instagram now but there's a trend on TikTok, where, when you are impersonating two different people, one person will be you as you are regularly, the second person will be you with a towel over your head or a sweater over your head so you don't have to get like to, again, nothing's overly produced. Right? So I've done this in a video where I was impersonating new instagramers when they joined TikTok, and then I was impersonating TikTokers. So I put a sweater over my head to be that second version of a person and yes, just TikTok culture. So you can do a little bit of acting, or if that just seems like too much. There is this effect in tech talk that I really like. It's called morph. And you can do this exact same video using this effect, which allows you to pull in photos from your camera roll. So what I did was I just pulled in a photo of me being an employee And then I think intern, and then Freelancer and then entrepreneur, and I just this effect morph them all together in like 10 seconds. And that was a way that I was showing the transformation of how I went from an employee to an entrepreneur. So you could also do that. 

Tracy: I love it. Okay

Elise: And for a jewellery business. I mean, you could take pictures of your piece of jewellery that you're working on in like three or four phases, or five phases, right? super simple to picture like, the raw metal and then the next step, like, I think you can do up to eight. I can't remember but it's the Morph effect. You can check it out. But then you could just morph them all together, and you're not even on camera.

Tracy: That's pretty amazing. I love that idea. So many different ways to do it, or even like from a dry sketch to final product, or like

Elise: Okay, video number five. Okay, so number five is one called make a trend your own. So when you join Tech Talk, as you've discovered, you get a for you page. It's basically content that TikTok believes you like. It's curated for you. Now you're getting the whole gamut of videos because TikTok doesn't know what you like yet. It's still figuring it out. And it figures it out based on what kind of videos you're rewatching which ones you like, commenting, sharing, especially the ones that you're rewatching to talk about takes the biggest note of those. 

So you will see trends on your for you page. And so what I recommend is to head to that page and find a video that you like, once you find a video that you like, and you're like, Hmm, I can redo this or remake it for my audience. What you want to do is just click the audio name of that muse of the audio right at the bottom of your screen. 

So when you click on that audio is going to take you to an audio page similar to a hashtag page on Instagram where you basically See a collection of all other videos that are using that same audio. So you just want to check out those videos and see that there's a consistent pattern. They're all kind of sharing the same thing. That means you found a trend, essentially. And so what you want to do is make your own version of this type of video using that audio, but again, adapted to your nation audience, so you don't want it to be applicable to everyone on tik tok. Unless you do you just want to do it for fun, but if you're doing it for your business, you want to take this trend and adapt it to your audience.

Tracy: Can you give us an example of a trend that's happening now?

Elise: Yeah, so there's this one song which I wonder should I play it doesn't mean, okay. It's not the one. Exactly. So that's the song and the original creator of that song. She was preparing for a trip and so every time she snapped her hands, she changed scenery. So It went from her luggage to her aeroplane to her destination. 

So anyway, that audio I use because it's still trending. And all I did was filmed myself in my office right here, I just put my phone on my tripod. And I didn't change scenes. I just played this audio and all I did was filmed myself snapping to that beat. And then once I filmed that, I added text to my video for every time I snapped, and what I did or how I made it adapted to my niche. 

The top of this video says your 2020 Instagram growth strategy, so you're unclear. And every time I snap, I add one more tip on how I'm growing on Instagram in 2020. So for example, leave comment pods engaged before posting shout outs appear, remove automation, try something new. So these are the tips that I recommend to my audience and I've just put them to a trending song, doing the snapping thing, but I've adapted it to my niche.

Tracy: Yeah So I could do something like how to design a custom ring and then go through all the steps of that, like, you know, Totally, yeah, the drawing and then you know, the whole thing and then then we turn it into something else. And then we make a model and then it gets polished, and then completed or something like that. There are

Elise: There are so many ideas for your niche. And I took like two minutes to look on Tiktok for what jewellery makers could hear. And I already have like six ideas, I think. Okay, Do you promise to make one of these?

Tracy: Yes, for this episode, or someone in my audience? Well, perfect. I'm going to do something.

Elise: I think you're pretty familiar with TikTok. I think you're ready to make one. Well, the good thing is, is no one's following you. So there's really nothing to lose. Right, right. You're totally right. Yeah, it's fine. It's honestly very freeing to post a TED talk because no one's following you. It's awesome. It's only when you follow Where are you like, 

So it's it's more fun. It's super free. Okay, so all I did was I went to the Discover tab on TikTok, which is very similar to Instagram, I typed in jewellery, and I spelled it with one L. I know there's two ways to spell it. So you want to double check both versions, but there are tonnes of video ideas that are just in this niche. 

There's also three hashtags highlighted: hashtag jewellery has over a billion views, hashtag jewellery making has 28 million views, and hashtag jewellery business has 16.7 million views. So now your audience is already going there. Obviously, you know you can make videos for your customers but anyway, I just looked at some of the Trending videos and here's what I came up with. One girl created a TED talk on how I designed the earrings that got featured in vogue. 

So she had this top selling earring and so she just showed little clips of like, I created a Paris mood board. I put it on my way. I took this element and this element and I put it into my design. So she was just bringing people into like behind the scenes of our process. That one's trending. how I make my jewellery super simple, like just it could be photos, videos, little snap, quick, snappy clips of that progress. 

One cool one is my progression as a designer. So this is that before and after transformation. Maybe you show some of your early designs that are a little bit off and show how they progress to today. Another one you can do. Oh, actually, this was an account I found. Her name is DesignsbyLeanne and she was on this page and I looked at her profile and she has 1.1 million followers and she's a jewellery designer and she just started her own business as a teenager and she's got a million followers. So there's so much potential for your niche. So that's just a little side note. Another type of video you can make is current jewellery faves. 

o as a jewellery designer, what are you loving? What are you wearing right now that's really fun value for an audience, especially like me, I'm not one to follow trends. But if someone tells me what's cool be like, yeah, I'll wear that, you know? Yeah, so just Just tell me what to wear. Another video I found is how I make my orders. So how I make my jewellery orders. So that could be either the custom design, it could be the package that you're sending out to your customers, people love behind the scenes. And then another one I found was chains that you need to wear. I've noticed that jeans are trending. So why not just tell people like it's this brand. This is what it looks like. 

And it could obviously be your brand or you could shout out. It's totally up to you. So I think that was anyone who has a physical product based business. Whoo. I'm so jealous because you have a thing that you can film and show all the time. It's a little different like me, because I teach marketing strategy. That's not a tangible thing. But you have tangible things that are so great on camera and so good for video. So, yeah, just just get out there and start trying.

Tracy: I love it because you can repurpose old videos, right? Because you can just upload them. They don't have to be brand new. How does that work?

Elise: TikTok is its own culture. I mean, I'm not that into talking algorithms, so I can't say what's going to make or break it in the algorithm. I've seen people upload like square videos into TikTok, which gives black bars which it's not really conducive to the platform, but they've still had millions of views. So I don't really know but I would say that TikTok is its own culture, the best thing to do is to sign up like you have scroll and just get a sense of like, what's trending, what are people making? There's a sense of humour that's a little bit different on TikTok, like, yeah, I'll make videos on TikTok that I think are hilarious, and then I'll share them with my Instagram followers. And I even told my Instagram followers, I'm like, is this funny?

Tracy: So you talked a little bit about some of these jewellery hashtags. How are we supposed to find the best hashtags on TikTok? Is it similar to Instagram? Or is it different?

Elise: I'd say it's similar to Instagram, except TikTok is really good as when you're writing your caption, you put your hashtags in your caption, TikTok is really good at suggesting hashtags for you. So like, like for me, I just typed in jewellery and it showed me three top hashtags for jewellery making a jewellery business. And why it's really powerful is it tells you for that hashtag how many views it has. It's similar to on Instagram when you look at a hashtag, and you see how many posts are associated with it. 

And it's the same idea. You don't want to use hashtags that are too big. Like there's some big hashtags like hashtag viral or hashtag for you page. Those aren't related to your niche and they're also massive like with 10s of billions of views Yeah. So you don't need to go that route. You just want to go niche and specific so as you start typing in your niche, your industry, your audience, TikTok will actually suggest to you related hashtags. Okay? Hair at a glance. Oh, this one has a million views. This one has 10 million views. I'll use the million view one because it's smaller. I don't know you can just make those decisions a lot quicker using the hashtag system within TikTok.

Tracy: I love that. Is there anything else we need to know about TikTok in order to get this off the ground?

Elise: I think I gave away some really good tangible steps for getting started at least with videos for your business I will say in terms of when you get on tik tok, you're gonna see a lot of content like you saw the young boy marriages. You're gonna see a lot of trends showing up. Just Keep in mind the difference between that type of content, which is trending content, and the content that you really want to focus on, which is evergreen content. Yeah. Don't get too caught up in the trends and try to remake them. They're trends for a reason. 

They're cool today and not cool tomorrow. I don't know, team world culture. But focus on evergreen content and evergreen content is it's that same content recruiting for blogs for Instagram posts. What are those questions that people are googling? What are they searching for? 

Those are the questions you want to be answering in your content. I think as a business, you want to focus on being tip based, value based inspiration based education based. Even though tech talks very humour based if you don't feel like that's your thing. Don't worry about it. I've been trying to find me funny. So I'm sticking with tips and education, and it's evergreen content. The crazy thing is like I posted these videos in January, and what are we like four months after them? They are consistently getting more and more views like, like it went from 20,000 initially to 40. And now up to 60,000 views so it's not going viral overnight. And this is an Instagram tip video. Yeah, but I like it because TikTok is slowly feeding more and more people attention to the same thing.

It doesn't have a shelf life, like you can post something today. And tomorrow, you're like, oh, it flopped. No one saw it. But guess what, a month or two months or three months down the road to talk might pick that up, show it to more people again, because the algorithms always pick up videos, even your older videos and testing to see people's reaction. So maybe it picks up the video back up again. People start responding to it in a better way. Then TikTok will show it to more people and more people and you could wake up with a video with a million views.

Tracy: I love that. Okay, so one Got to think with the captions that you put on each of these TikTok videos. When I was looking they seemed pretty short. Is there like a shorter limit isn't unlike Instagram? Or is it the same as Instagram?

Elise: Very different because the space for your caption and your hashtags is a total of 150 characters I believe so it's similar to the space that you have for your Instagram bio. That's it so that's why the captions are short and to the point and then you mostly use that space for hashtags okay? And yeah, with captions you don't have to tell a story. I do find that people love to pique curiosity with a caption like they'll say things like omg you won't you won't believe what happened. Something like that. You know, it's not really telling you something but you're like, Okay, I'll watch till the end. Yeah, so you can get a little creative like that.

Tracy: Okay, cool. And then assuming that the only place you can really link something is in your bio.

Elise: So about within the last month to six weeks. TikTok  is fine. finally allowed you to create a clickable link in your bio. So this is a relatively new feature. When I started it was like, yeah, you could put you could type out a link, but you couldn't click out of it. So like any app, TikTok wants you to stay in the app. So for me, I'm looking at my profile right now. I have a clickable link that opens up in a new window. But TikTok  of course is like are you sure you want to leave TikTok , or right underneath my profile, I've actually been able to link both my Instagram and my youtube so those are two channels that you can connect and link out to.

Tracy: Elise, Thank you so much for being here. I feel like I know so much more about TikTok  and I'm ready to get my videos started. So thank you for that. And I'm hoping that a lot of the designers here start using TikTok as a platform. Real quick working everyone finds you.

Elise: Well on TikTok , it’s  EliseDharma and of course on Instagram, the same Elise Dharma and then I have a lot of TikTok  tutorials on my YouTube channel. So that would be a great place for you to see more of the how tos, especially one on how to edit a tic Tock that one is a little tricky initially. So I would say to check out my YouTube channel as

Tracy: So I want to know because I asked you this an Instagram dm asked you on the show. When are you going to do a TikTok  training for like 40 plus?

Elise: I'm definitely working on it. It's uh, it's, I'll definitely reach out to you when I have more. Yeah, there's some exciting stuff coming up even in the next week, so I'll let you know sooner rather than later. Okay, amazing. I'm so excited. I just might be helpful for people who are just like I want a step by step like show me how to do it and then yeah, videos done. And that's my specialty. Yeah, let's not overwhelm you and let's make sure it actually impacts your business.

Tracy: And Elise has some really great programs. I own two of them, the InstaGrowth Boss and Insta Story Vault. So go check those out. They are catered to like more general business, but I think that you can use them to help elevate your profile to.

Elise: When you purchased it was 365 prompts for Instagram. Now it's 800. And we need two categories. So you'll get business to business prompts, and you'll get a business to consumer prompts, so you can adapt them to your niche in your audience. Awesome. 

Tracy: Thanks for being here. 

Elise: Thanks for having me. Awesome.

Tracy: Are you ready to start using TikTok for your business? I hope so because I am, come follow me to my little TikTok handle in the comments below and in the show notes. And if you want to find out a little bit more about Elise, make sure that you check out our show notes and a caption here, because we're going to share with you all those links that she spoke about. Also, if you liked this video, I'd love for you to like it and share it with your friends. And I'd also love to know what your biggest takeaway was. Are you going to do it? Yep, nope, video. Yep, nope.

If you haven't done so yet, make sure that you subscribe to our channel. This is Tracy Matthews, signing off. Until next time, Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. It's my mission to help thousands of creative businesses inside and outside the jewellery space. use their creativity to make money. Make sure that you're subscribed to thrive by design on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and wherever podcasts are played. And we'd love to hear what you think. Please rate and review the show and if you're inspired, please share this with your friends. Cheers to seeing you flourish and thrive

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Don’t Worry, Everyone Feels “Too Old” for TikTok

TikTok is notoriously used by teenagers. 

When you first open an app, you are bombarded with trends and songs that are completely unfamiliar. Don’t let this deter you! Everyone feels the same way at first.

You don’t need to sing or dance to draw attention. As long as your videos are targeted towards your niche demographic and have a creative flair, your Dream Clients will take notice!

Take A Break From Needing to Look Perfect

Instagram content is expected to look staged and perfect. TikTok is totally the opposite.

There is a freedom in using TikTok that you just don’t find on other social platforms. It’s meant to be silly, so use your creativity to your advantage.

If you make your Dream Client laugh, they’ll wanna know more about your business! That’s all you need to do, m’dear.

Put Yourself Out There and Try It

Like all things, marketing on Tik Tok will take some trial and error. But it doesn't take long to get the hang of!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Elise has graciously given lots of great tips on her youtube channel if you want some inspiration to get started.

xo, Tracy


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