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The Sales Email Formula

Are you ready to wholesale your work but aren’t getting a response from buyers?

Writing sales emails for wholesale outreach shouldn’t be daunting or take a TON of time. With the right formula, crafting sales emails to your clients or prospects can be a breeze!

Last week we spoke about the writing a PR pitch letter. The sales email formula is similar, but has some subtle differences. Before you start approaching stores, do your research to make sure your product is a good fit for the store.  (Daunted sales efforts are often due to a lack of approaching the “right” types of stores or clients).

Here’s our Sales Email Formula:

1. Headline:

Here is your opportunity to grab your buyers attention. Consider who you are writing to. You might suggest why your products are a good fit or write a catchy headline that describes your line or your accolades. If you’ve met the buyer before, mention that in the email title.

For example:

Title: Rustic Jewelry that hangs well with Polly Wales


Title: Emerging designer recently featured in InStyle


Title: Following up from our conversation in store Wednesday

2. First Paragraph

Introduce who you are and talk about your collection. Here is your opportunity in 3 sentences or less to let them know why they should care and how you are different, unique and original. This is also a wonderful place to remind the buyer if you may have met before.

For Instance:

Dear (Name),

My name is Jane Smith and I am a NYC based designer of colorful, bold statement jewelry. I’m inspired by my years as a fashion stylist and a desire to capture couture trends in an affordable way. I believe my work merchandises beautifully with some of the lines that you already carry such as (enter the names of the lines).

3. Second Paragraph

The purpose of the second paragraph is to go more in depth and give yourself credibility. Talk about other stores that feature your work, celebrity clients, your PR placements, etc.

For Instance:

Most recently, my collection of earrings is inspired by the statement earring trend that was all over the FW 2014 runways. Always a fashionista, my jewelry reflects what is hot in fashion at the moment: bold design that makes a statement with color and style. Celebrities love it too! You can find my jewelry on (enter the name of celebrity or TV show, etc) as well as in publications like (enter the publication name). My work is carried in specialty stores and boutiques such as (enter the name).

Or if you are just starting out

Most recently, my collection of earrings is inspired by the statement earring trend that was all over the FW 2014 runways. Always a fashionista, my jewelry reflects what is hot in fashion at the moment: bold design that makes a statement with color and style. As an emerging designer, I’m carried in a few local stores in the (enter the name of your region or area) who have sold the collection really well.


4. Closing paragraph and signing off

Here is your opportunity to wrap up an give a call to action to show your collection.

For Instance:

Attached are a few images from my Holiday 2014 Collections with the retail price points range from $50-150. You can download my line sheets here and view more of my collection on my website. I’d love to show you the collection in person. Feel free to reach me at 123-456-7890 or at jane@janesmith.com.

Thanks so much for your time!


Jane Smith



5. Insert a few images and links to line sheets.

Here is your opportunity to showcase your work or tease the buyer with a touch. Attach a few low res images. The total email should be no larger than 4 mb.

Final comments:

We mentioned earlier to do your research and be patient. Buyers can often be inundated with emails and requests. You may be wasting your time if you notice a store has crossover looks that compete with yours or you are barking up the wrong tree completely. For instance, a high fashion “trendy” store might only carry bold costume or a niche jewelry store might only carry contemporary fine jewelry. Make sure you KNOW who you are trying to sell to.

Remember that persistence is key. Follow up 1 week after you sent the email. Don’t be annoying. If you don’t hear back then approach them again next season.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. For those of you who would like to wholesale, how are you reaching out to clients now?

2. After reading the formula, what “tweaks” are you going to make to your current pitch efforts?

Pssst….for those of you in the NYC area, we are having a meetup. Join us on August 18th at 6 pm EDT. Go here for the official invite.

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  1. Vickie Hallmark on August 12, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    I’ve typically used a format similar to the one you presented, with embedded small images and link to my line sheet.

    During a recent Creative Live class on wholesaling, the advice from two different buyers who participated was to never include images!! I find it difficult to believe that buyers for visual goods would not be more interested in images, but they claimed to hate attachments.

    Similarly, the instructor also advised against the live link to the line sheet. The rationale was that the potential buyer should be required to respond to the email (nothing more than hit respond, though), so that I would know who was looking and could follow up with them.

    So now I’m torn. This seems to make things much more difficult for the wholesale buyer, not easier! Comments??

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