#325 Shop One in Five (Small Businesses) This Holiday Season

Podcast episode 325 Shop 1 in 5 Small Business Directory

The biggest pain point for small business owners to make more sales online is the struggle to get exposure.

Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep, co-hosts of The Product Boss podcast and small business owners themselves, are rocking the industry with their latest project, Shop 1-in-5.

It all started in 2020 when they saw how small business owners were struggling to adapt to the loss of in-person sales opportunities.. 

With a firm belief that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, Jacqueline and Minna decided to do something about it.

The issue wasn’t that shoppers didn’t want to buy from small businesses online, but that they were struggling to find small businesses online.

Jacqueline and Minna felt inspired to create  Shop 1-in-5, an online directory that helps small business owners get discovered by customers. The entire project centers around a pledge to make 1-in-5 of your holiday purchases from small businesses. 

Now, it’s become a movement.

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The Pledge

Jacqueline and Minna didn’t just want to create a list of small businesses, they wanted to bring consumers and small business owners together over a shared mission.

They created a pledge that encapsulates the values behind the Shop 1-in-5 movement.

I pledge to support small businesses by understanding the impact my spending has on other small businesses.

I pledge to make 1 in 5 of my purchases to a small business. This includes online shops, small retailers, makers, manufacturers, restaurants, and small business owners everywhere. 

I pledge because I believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

I pledge because my spending choices help business owners support their families, hire within their community, and ultimately contribute to the overall economy.

There is power in my purchases, and I pledge to Shop 1 in 5™ because we are all in this together.

This pledge is the driving force behind everything they do, and it’s done wonders to establish Shop 1-in-5 as not just a movement, but a lifestyle.

The Directory

The highlight of Shop 1-in-5 is the Small Business Directory.

Jacqueline and Minna wanted to bring the beauty of small business onto the platform. What they created is a values-driven directory where small businesses can feature their story.

Shoppers have the option to sort businesses not only by location and product category, but also by brand values.

It’s the perfect tool for boosting small businesses and connecting them to Dream Clients who truly care about the meaning and story behind a brand.

Join the Movement

Here are three ways you can get involved with Shop 1 in 5’s movement to support and uplift small businesses…

Join thousands of shoppers on Shop 1-in-5

Jacqueline and Mina ask that anyone who wants to support Shop 1-in-5, consumers and business owners alike, do three things:

  1. Take the pledge
  2. Shop the directory
  3. Share it with your network

Support the “Biggest Small Biz Holiday Collab Ever”

Over 200 businesses from the Shop 1-in-5 Small Business Directory are offering exclusive discounts for supporters of the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge for the entire month of November. 

Snag your copy of the discount guide to save big when you support small this holiday season! 

Get your small business listed in the Shop1-in-5 Directory

When your business get approved by Shop 1-in-5, you don’t just get a spot in the #1 Small Product-Based Business Directory, you get access to a bunch of amazing perks like…

  • A members-only Facebook community with like-minded business owners just like you…
  • Ready-made graphics for social media every month…
  • Trainings on how to improve your online presence…
  • And more…

Apply to be featured in the Shop 1-in-5 Small Business Directory today and use code LAUNCH to get 50% off your subscription!

This movement isn’t just about driving sales to small businesses, it’s about the power of all of us pursuing this mission together.

xo, Tracy


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Biggest Small Biz Holiday Collab Ever

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