#44 Developing Blogger Partnerships to Make More Sales With Cassie Boorn

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Imagine with me for a minute that you have a chunk of free time to sit down and browse the internet.


You’re not working, or networking, or even training.


You’re just sitting at your computer with time to look at whatever you want to (hey, I said imagine right?)


What are the first three websites you’d visit?


Seriously…think of your three.


If you’re anything like me or the majority of the jewelry biz owners that I know, I’d bet that one of those websites is your favorite blog.


It could be a fashion blog, or a lifestyle blog, or even a mom blog.


(I’d love it if you let me know in the comments what your favorite blog is.)

Because the odds are that you have one!


And so do your DREAM customers….


Or maybe you scroll through your Instagram feed to see what your favorite bloggers are posting about?


Think about the products they feature and the impact they have on influencing sales…


One post from The Blonde Salad wearing your jewelry could explode your brand. Seriously! 


That’s why developing strong partnerships with Influential Bloggers (and Blogs) can totally increase your exposure and sales, exponentially.



Which is why I am so incredibly excited for today’s episode… all about how to create relationships with bloggers for and leverage those relationships to lead to sales for your jewelry business.


My guest today is Cassie Boorn, the CEO and founder of Modern Thrive. Cassie has boatloads of experience creating powerful digital marketing campaigns for small businesses and Fortune 500 brands.


She’s going to walk you through how to not only get on the radar of your dream blog, but how to develop a relationship with the blogger so that they become an ambassador for you!


I can’t contain my excitement anymore, so let’s go!


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Pick Your Dream Blogs As Partners


The first question you need to ask yourself when you decide that you want to be featured on a particular blog is…why?


Emailing every blogger that you can find on Google is a pretty bad strategy… In fact, it (usually) doesn’t work.. because even if you do get featured it won’t put you in front of an audience that is interested in your brand.


Instead, get inside the head of your dream client and figure out what blogs they are reading and build relationships with those bloggers.

Make sure you listen to the entire episode to grab Cassie’s tip for using Instagram to figure out what blogs could be your dream partners!


Do Your Research


So you’ve targeted the bloggers that you want to partner with. That’s awesome…but now what?


Become a detective and educate yourself on how they work, what they cover and what they aren’t. –


Does the blogger host a weekly giveaway or a Friday Favorites product roundup? These are great points of entry for getting your jewelry featured and creating a relationship with an influential blog.


(Behind the scenes tip- you’re going to want to listen to the episode to see what Cassie says about giveaways.)


Get Creative


Are we speaking the same language now or what? Jewelry designers are creative by nature, so harness that creativity and use it to provide bloggers with a topic they can’t pass up.


If you want to get featured on a blog that writes about parenting, pitch the blogger an article about the importance of family heirloom jewelry featuring some of your pieces that could be passed down from generation to generation.


Do you want to get on a art blog? Pitch a post about what pieces of your jewelry you would have had the Mona Lisa model in her portrait and why. Be Creative!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting featured on a blog, and the payoff can be huge in exposure and in sales.


Who knows…maybe next time I sign on to my favorite blog I’ll see your jewelry there!


Make sure you listen to the entire episode today and soak up all of Cassie’s special tips.


Oh yeah…and make sure that you tell us your favorite blogs to read in the comments below.


xo, Tracy


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