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Tip: Make it Easy for Editors to Feature Your Jewelry for Holiday

By Tracy Matthews / July 2, 2013

Even though the dog days of summer are upon us, it’s not time to slack off in your jewelry business. Savvy jewelry designers are working hard (and having a little fun too) during the summer months. If you…

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Overwhelmed? What to do if you are feeling discouraged

By Tracy Matthews / June 25, 2013

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself. ~Lucille Ball Too Many Things on…

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Is your biz cash poor? 5 Ways to create cash flow in your jewelry business.

By Tracy Matthews / June 11, 2013

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started out in business was this: I did not understand the correlation between healthy cash flow and a thriving business. I didn’t have a problem getting sales in the…

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Are you paying yourself a Salary Every month? 5 actions to guarantee you get paid first.

By Tracy Matthews / June 4, 2013

Last month, I enjoyed a glass of wine with one of the community members of F&TA while she was visiting NYC. I’ve been following her for about a year now and have really seen her business grow and…

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The inside scoop: when should I hire a Contractor vs. an Employee?

By Tracy Matthews / May 27, 2013

Robin and I hear this all of the time:: “I feel so overwhelmed! I want to pull my hair out because I have so many things to do. I know I should be acting like a CEO, but…

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Be careful what you wish for… cuz you just might get it!

By Robin Kramer / May 14, 2013

I love a good wish (business or otherwise) and I especially love having a sales goal/wish and going after it! I have been fortunate to have many wishes come true, and one in particular that was a big…

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The 5 signs that you know your are in the right place with your jewerly biz

By Tracy Matthews / May 7, 2013

Today, we Robin & I wanted to talk about how to know you are in the right place. Having your own business can be exhilarating, rewarding and fun! However, at times you might feel bogged down by responsibility…

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Do you have questions about Multiplying Your Profits?

By Tracy Matthews / April 23, 2013

We have been getting a lot of questions about our second signature course, Multiply Your Profits. Instead of the usual Tuesday blog post, Robin and I decided to spend some time answering your questions. In this video, we…

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The Secret to Creating Maximum Profits (and Personal FREEDOM) in your Jewelry Biz

By Tracy Matthews / April 16, 2013

Author: Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer In 2004, I was invited by a friend to travel to India. As a long time yoga practitioner, going to India was a dream of mine and something that I was passionate…

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You’re Invited!! FREE Webinar – The FREEDOM Method: Multiply Your Profits

By flourishthrive / April 15, 2013

FREE Webinar: The FREEDOM Method Tracy & Robin are going to show you the ins and outs of “The FREEDOM Method.” We will describe how to take steps RIGHT NOW to begin implementing systems within your business that…

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