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There is an automated marketing sequence that can help you increase your sales, sometimes up to 35-44%!

That’s right, I’m talking about an abandoned cart sequence.

An abandoned cart sequence is a series of 2-3 marketing emails or SMS texts that get sent out automatically when someone puts a product in their cart, then leaves without checking out.

It’s one of the #1 missed opportunities for small business owners. If you don’t have an abandoned cart sequence, you’re basically leaving money on the table.

Here’s what I mean…

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Roughly 70% of customers who put something in their cart leave the website without checking out.

The exact number varies depending on which studies you read, but suffice to say, people abandon their online carts A LOT.

It’s not personal, and my colleague Chris Orzechowski is proof.

He came on the podcast awhile back to talk about abandoned cart sequences, and he told a simple story that perfectly describes why this number is so high.

We were getting our bathroom upstairs redone, and I was sitting at the dining room table…checking out, buying something for my wife.” He explains, “All of a sudden, the jackhammer was shaking the walls, and one of our wine glasses fell off a shelf and shattered into a bazillion pieces.

I was literally entering my credit card number…” he goes on, “and then I had to spend 25 minutes cleaning up all the glass.

The point is, sh*t happens. You never know what’s going on on the other side of the screen.

If it weren’t for an abandoned cart sequence, Chris would have forgotten about his purchase entirely.

“Not right now” doesn’t mean “not ever,” – especially when it comes to sales.

I’m just as guilty.

I recently opened my phone browser to find a cute pair of shoes I had been looking at earlier. When my tabs popped up, I learned I had 435 tabs open. 435!

Half of them were product pages for things I adored, but for one reason or another, had completely forgotten about.

A few of those brands did send me abandoned cart sequences. And guess what? I bought from some of them.

As for the rest, they’re buried forever in a sea of browser tabs I will never sort through.

The best abandoned cart sequences take the customer on a journey.

A really good abandoned cart sequence recovers anywhere from 35-44% of sales. If you’re not hitting those numbers, it might be time to re-evaluate your strategy.

This is one of the most effective email and SMS marketing sequences, because you already know exactly what your customer wants.

Most of the time, they just got busy and forgot.

Listen to the full episode above. It’s only 15 minutes, and I outline exactly what to include in your abandoned cart sequence so you can start recovering those forgotten sales.

xo, Tracy


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