EP397: Why Many Online Sales Strategies Fail

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Are you a jewelry business owner struggling to make sales online? 

You’ve put up a beautiful website and you’re marketing on social media. Perhaps you’re even sending out some emails here and there but for some reason you just can’t seem to make predictable online sales?

Growing your jewelry website sales takes a strategic approach that’s part tactics, part creativity, and part consistency.

If you’d like to grow your online jewelry sales and train your customers to buy from you online, you likely need to understand why some online sales strategies fail – and how to fix them!

Listen to this short episode where I dive into common mistakes that stunt online sales growth.

In this episode, I cover…

  • Why discernment is just as important as a digital marketing strategy 
  • The BIG mistakes a lot of jewelry biz owners make that hinder their online sales growth
  • How to increase your website traffic without fancy marketing funnels 
  • How previous success in a different sales channel can hinder online sales 
  • And so much more..

I hope this helps you make more online sales this year. If you really want to go deeper on these concepts, join me for a free masterclass I’m hosting HERE.

xo, Tracy

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