EP396: How Live Selling Transformed Her Online Jewelry Sales

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There’s a lot that goes into growing your jewelry sales – online. One thing is for sure, Live Selling is a great way to create “community” around your brand, get more website traffic, and scale your growth.

I am passionate about helping jewelry business owners grow their businesses and create multiple streams of revenue. In my experience, I see a lot of jewelry makers who thrive selling in person or to stores but they can’t seem to translate that in person experience or success into e-commerce sales

So they throw their hands up, give up, and think: selling online is not for me!

It’s important to know that training your customers to buy from you online is NOT super hard but it does take a strategy, consistency (most of you are impatient – yo), and an ability to replicate an in person experience – online. 

Which brings me to today’s episode of Thrive by Design, I get to interview Carla Garro, a long time client of mine who is CRUSHING it in her niche with online selling.

Carla is the founder of Lita Sea Glass and has been “Live Selling” for the past several years after she learned the strategy in our program: Train Your Customers to Buy Online.

She sells out of collections every week and can barely keep her jewelry in stock. Listen in to hear how she does it.

Here’s what we chat about…

  • Her journey into finding her Desired Brand Effect and cornering an untapped unpopular market to make it “in-demand”
  • How Carla navigates running a very successful business being a single mom and running a team of five people
  • Steps she took to transition from selling in a brick and mortar to online and wholesale
  • How she’s built an insane following of dedicated buyers who show up every week to buy her jewelry
  • Impressive insights into creating community with live selling – yes 350 people show up at times
  • How she keeps a “beginner’s mind” when it comes to growing her business online
  • And so much more

Carla is a bad-ass and I want you to be too! She started this process in our TYC Program. If you’d like to get on the waitlist or apply, GO HERE for more details.

xo, Tracy


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