EP400: From Extreme Burnout to Creatively Inspired with Morgan McGoff

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How one designer recovered from EXTREME Burnout and got her creativity back by doing this one thing!

Do you ever find yourself feeling creatively numb? Perhaps that numbness is a result of burnout in your jewelry business? 

Burnout is a REAL and dangerous thing for a jewelry business owner because your creativity is the key driver of your business success. 

If you've experienced this for yourself, just know you are not alone. In fact, I shared my story of burnout recently on the podcast and it’s NOT fun at all.

That's why I'm so excited to share an inspiring story with you today about Morgan McGoff, the talented designer behind Skinny Dip jewelry.

The Struggle with Burnout

Morgan, like many artists, isn't motivated solely by money. So when she found herself feeling creatively lost and numb, it was incredibly difficult for her to stay engaged with her business. Fortunately, Morgan took a leap of faith and followed a strategy that not only reinvigorated her passion and creativity but also led to an impressive online sales growth of 26%.

The Turning Point

Morgan shared her journey of overcoming burnout and reigniting her creativity in episode #400 of the Thrive by Design podcast.

In this eye-opening conversation, she revealed…

  • How she came up with the name Skinny Dip and her journey as an artist
  • The truth behind her motivation and how to grow a business when not being money motivated
  • The one thing that helped her bounce back from burnout and achieve remarkable growth in her jewelry business. 
  • How accountability and leaning in to the things she could control
  • Why she leaned into community when she really wanted to hide
  • The leap to invest in herself and her business and how that helped her grow her online sales by 26%, orders by 20%, and website traffic by 11% in just 12 weeks
  • And so much more

Remember, creativity is your most potent asset in growing a successful jewelry business. If it's drained, you'll struggle to thrive. 

If you're looking to boost your creativity and experience a ripple effect of increased traffic, orders, and sales, just like Morgan did, you'll absolutely love this episode.

A Special Offer for You

Morgan also shared on the show how joining our Train Your Customers to Buy Online Program changed her life. 

If you need a dose of inspiration, focused training to expand your audience and grow your sales, and a way to feel creatively inspired again, this program is perfect for you.

Submit your application today and grab a bonus website audit valued at $497 when you join by 3/31. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to reignite your passion and grow your jewelry business!

xo, Tracy

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