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If you’ve been struggling to grow your online sales using your website as a sales tool, you’ll love today’s episode!

Last week, I hosted a panel of makers who shared how they grew their jewelry businesses, online,

Every story of growth is different AND every designer is at a different level of success. The designers featured  have customized designs, handmade jewelry, metal clay jewelry, fine jewelry and more. 

So if you’d like to get more warm traffic and convert more customers from social media, email, sms, and more, listen in today.

During today’s panel episode, you’ll hear how…

  • Joel increased her sales by 30% over last year and maps out her year far in advance
  • Morgan gained confidence and increase her customer base by 20% and website traffic by 11% in just 6 months
  • Kari took a leap of faith that forever changed her business during her re-launch
  • Ulka doubled her 5-figure January sales by leveraging a social strategy (and made more than most people make in a year)
  • Kim leveraged her in person shows to make more online
  • And a lot more inspiring goodness

All of the makers featured today are graduates of our most recent cohort of the Train Your Customers to Buy Online Sales Accelerator.

If you’d like to grow your online sales by 30% or more using your website as a sales tool – within the next 3 months – then get your TYC application in now. The next cohort starts April 18th.

Cheers to your success online!

xo, Tracy

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