EP405: How to Focus Your Time When To Scale Your Business from 100K to 500K to 1M

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The Big Leap author Gay Hendricks says…

If you haven’t risen to the level of success you’re trying to achieve, it’s because of your limiting beliefs about yourself—truth bomb.

And I’ll add, from my experience, that if you’re using the same strategies that got you to this point, wherever you are right now in business, to get you to the next level, your business will struggle and stagnate.

But, when you step into your role as the leader of your company and start to work on your business instead of just in it, that’s where the magic happens. When you learn to lead, and surround yourself with a stellar team, your company will start to flourish.

What got you here is not going to get you there.

Even when you’ve had success in your business, you’ll need to adapt your strategy to get you to the next level. Growth requires plenty of introspection and getting out of the weeds to hire top talent and lead your team.

“It can be challenging for us to see outside of that little microcosm of our business and to understand what it's going to take to get to the next level.” 

Step into the role of leader and break through that glass ceiling.

When you accept that you cannot possibly continue to do everything yourself and you begin to put top-level talent into support positions within your company, that’s when true growth starts to happen. 

It’s more than a mindset shift too… 

Getting your SOPs in order, knowing your KPIs, setting and tracking goals, and leading your team to understand and support your vision is the key to growth and the ability to scale.

In Podcast Episode 405, I talk about…

  • What it actually takes to grow from $100,000 to $500,000 and beyond
  • When it’s time to start hiring and what positions to hire for
  • Building a team that’s aligned with your vision
  • How the growth of your company depends on you as a leader
  • Why accountability among leadership and your team is so critical
  • Plus, a vulnerable personal story…

Here’s a quick overview of this episode…

[4:28] How Flourish and Thrive can help you with your goals.

[7:22] The importance of leadership and burnout.

[9:50] Taking responsibility for the hard things.

[15:09] What it takes to scale your business.

[20:50] The importance of having a team.

[26:02] Getting clear on your team’s strengths.

I hope this episode inspires you to grow your company to your next level of success!




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