EP404: What’s the Objective? How Your Online Strategy Grows Your Entire Jewelry Biz

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Why Having a Resourceful Success Mindset is Crucial to Growing a Thriving Jewelry Business

As a business owner of multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, I’ve learned many lessons over the years, but this one thing has been key to my growth, resilience, and survival… 

Being resourceful.

Case in point: just when you’ve streamlined your processes, or nailed some new piece of tech, things change! And probably more than once if you’re in business for more than a minute.

I recently interviewed Alexandra Camacho from Acid Queen Jewelry for the podcast, and she was talking about how Instagram, which she’d relied on to grow her business to multiple 6-figures, has changed and how she had to pivot. Because Alex has always had a resourceful mindset, and she’s discovered new ways to continue selling online and growing her business.

“The number one trait of a successful entrepreneur and business owner is operating out of a resourceful success mindset.” 

As things change, and they absolutely will, you have 2 choices as a business owner…

You can say to yourself, “That won't work for me,” or “That’s not how I’ve always done things.”

Or you can think differently about how you approach your online sales and show up with a mindset open to learning.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What we learned about pivoting and resourcefulness from the Great Recession in 2008
  • How one of my favorite brands Eliza Page, is rocking it online, utilizing multiple sales channels to keep her customers coming back for more
  • Why having a resourceful success mindset is key to recession-proofing your business
  • And more…

Here’s a quick overview of this episode…

> [1:24] The importance of having a resourceful success mindset and the number one trait of a successful entrepreneur

> [2:58] The Great Recession and what we learned about online selling

> [4:34] How Eliza Page uses multiple strategies to crush her online sales

> [6:18] Leveraging all social media traffic to grow online

> [7:56] How one student sold out of her product just from one Pinterest pin

> [9:03] The importance of keeping an open mind to see what’s going to work

Get comfy, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

xo, Tracy


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