EP409: The 3 Crucial Steps to Scaling a Jewelry Business

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One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of jewelry business owners make, and business owners in general, is not taking the time to plan and document a vision of what they're trying to create. 

Without a vision, plan, or roadmap, it’s nearly impossible to get where you’re going and achieve those big goals that lead to success.

Jewelry Business Success Starts with a Vision

Regardless of your business vision, whether it’s scaling to a thriving multiple 7 figure company, growing a $100,000 per year business, or simply building something that supports you and your family and pays you well, you must apply 3 crucial steps to achieve your vision. 

Sadly, I’ve experienced this scenario all too often…

A designer comes to me, burnt out, frustrated, and experiencing what I call a profit plateau. Their once-successful business starts to backslide. They’re working harder and harder, trying to achieve the same level of success but not getting the same result. 

They’re ready to burn it all down. It’s a problem, but there is a solution. 

3 Steps that Are Crucial to Scaling Your Jewelry Business

This episode of the Thrive by Design podcast will help you understand how to grow and scale to the next level, even if…

…you're at scale already

…you already have an amazing, thriving business 

…you aren't at scale yet, but you’re trying to create more ease and flow in your business 

In Podcast Episode 409, I’ll reveal the 3 crucial steps every jewelry business owner needs to scale, including…

  • Why having a vision supported by proper planning is crucial to scaling your jewelry business
  • How deciding what’s important to you helps you grow, scale, and remain profitable
  • Why systems, tools, and automation are necessary to create more efficiency
  • What things to systematize for maximum impact and profitability
  • When and what positions to outsource or hire for to support your vision
  • How to lead and train your team to help them succeed and thrive
  • Why coaching and mentorship are essential to lasting business success
  • And so much more…

“If you want to scale your business, you’re going to have to lean on other people at some point. Mentors, coaches, or someone to get you the right support for your vision.”

Creative founders are often the biggest bottleneck in their businesses because they care so much. Operating your business in a vacuum is going to be your downfall because we all have blind spots, but this episode will help you avoid this common pitfall.

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 409:

[0:00] How to create a vision of what you want

[1:41] The crucial steps to take when scaling

[14:31] Step One: Proper planning

[17:21] Step Two: Developing systems

[26:00] Step Three: Support, outsourcing, and hiring

[30:43] Leading your team

I think you’ll find this episode incredibly eye-opening for identifying where you might be stuck, whether you’ve hit a business plateau, and how you can move past it to have the business you’ve always dreamed of.





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