EP414: Grow Your Jewelry Business 3x Faster When You Buy Back Your Time with Dan Martell

EP414: Grow Your Jewelry Business 3x Faster When You Buy Back Your Time with Dan Martell

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Growing up in a dysfunctional environment with an alcoholic mother, ADHD, drug abuse, foster care, and prison, best-selling author of Buy Back Your Time, Dan Martell, has an incredible and inspirational story not to be missed. 

Despite feeling broken, Dan’s life took a positive turn when a prison guard named Brian expressed belief in him… 

“I don’t know what you’re doing here, man; you don’t belong here,” Brian said.

This sparked a tiny seed of self-worth and eventually led Dan to a rehab center called Portage, where he rebuilt relationships, overcame addiction, and built and sold several multi-million dollar software companies.

Be The Best Version of Yourself and Share Your Stories With the World

“I believe that everyone has two purposes: becoming the best version of themselves and sharing their stories with the world. I wrote this book to help entrepreneurs reclaim their freedom, build successful businesses, and overcome mindset obstacles.”

Dan’s own story includes failures and setbacks but also mentors who provided guidance and support. It hasn’t been all success every step of the way. Dan started several businesses, faced several failures, and licked his wounds before achieving success. 

Buy Back Your Time

Dan shared that even after building and selling multiple successful software companies and becoming a millionaire by 27, his most significant accomplishment was writing his book, Buy Back Your Time, a Wall Street Journal bestseller. 

We talk about this often in our Flourish and Thrive community: many jewelry designers struggle with marketing and sales due to limited capacity or feeling the need to do everything themselves in their businesses. But Dan writes that when you learn to delegate, you can unlock the potential to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact. 

“You didn't start a business for it to be easy. You did it to be useful, to create, to serve. And the only way you're going to do that is by understanding this powerful concept called leverage, and specifically around buying back your time.”

Overcoming Fears of Judgment, Failure, and Success 

According to Dan, “everyone is capable of learning the skills of delegation and leveraging their time for greater productivity and success. By embracing vulnerability, sharing our stories, and focusing on what truly matters, we can achieve our goals and create a meaningful impact in the world.”

Letting go of fear around judgment, failure, and success is the only way for entrepreneurs to fully express their talents.

In Podcast Episode 414, Dan shares…

  • His approach to time management and focusing on essential business tasks. 
  • The importance of embracing vulnerability and leveraging our stories to serve others. 
  • How delegation plays a crucial role in freeing up time and achieving success. 
  • The 10-80-10 rule, where you provide initial creative input (10%), delegate the bulk of the work (80%), and add final touches (10%)
  • How you can produce exceptional results in business when you utilize the skills of others and focus on your strengths.
  • How he uses the principles he writes about in his book to create more space for travel and adventure with his family.
  • And so much more!

Focus on What Truly Matters

Dan’s purpose for writing Buy Back Your Time was to empower entrepreneurs to create more, delegate effectively, and lead with passion and a focus on what truly matters in life.

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 414:

[1:28] Creating more freedom in your life and business

[6:57] The turning point in Dan’s life

[9:53] Becoming a millionaire at 27

[14:48] Building the 10.0 version of yourself

[20:51] Being the lighthouse not the tugboat

[35:05] The buyback principle

[51:17] Design the life you want to live

Dan’s journey is one of the most impactful and powerful stories you’ll ever read. 

I hope you enjoy this amazing episode!

xo, Tracy

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