EP415: How to Prepare to Give Your Two Weeks Notice with Amy Porterfield

How to Prepare to Give Your Two Weeks Notice with Amy Porterfield

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Are you tired of the nine-to-five grind? Do you yearn for the freedom and fulfillment that comes with running your own business? If you've ever considered quitting your day job to pursue your jewelry business full time, then you're in for a treat. 

In Episode 415 of the Thrive by Design podcast I’m interviewing Amy Porterfield, an ex-corporate girl turned online marketing expert, author of the New York Times bestselling book Two Weeks Notice, and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. 

In her new book, Two Weeks Notice Amy shares her journey from the corporate world to building a multimillion-dollar business. It’s an inspiring story with a fresh perspective on transitioning from a “job” into entrepreneurship.

Leaving Your 9-5 Job Takes Courage More Than Confidence

Leaving the security of a nine-to-five job can be daunting, but Amy advises relying on courage rather than waiting for confidence to kick in. Confidence comes with experience eventually, but you may not have that at first. So intead take the leap of faith and trust in your abilities. 

Amy encourages her students to set an exit date and take daily steps toward their goals. It's the courage to pursue your dreams that will propel you forward and move you to create a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Building Your Runway is Part of Your Exit Plan

Transitioning from your 9-5 day job to entrepreneurship will go more smoothly with some planning. Amy shared her three-step runway approach to help you leave your day job with integrity and confidence:

  1. Choose your exit date: On a sticky note, write down the specific date you plan to leave your job. Display it prominently where you’ll see it. Then each day, ask yourself what actions you can take to move you closer to leaving.
  1. Prepare Financially: Examine your finances, identify ways to cut expenses, and start building a nest egg. It doesn’t have to be huge, but some financial security will ease the transition and provide peace of mind.
  1. Start a side hustle: Develop a starter idea or project that allows you to dip your toes into entrepreneurship while still working your day job. This will build your confidence and help you gain valuable experience before taking the plunge.

The Power of Clarity Around Your Dream Client 

“So I promise you, you are not going to exclude people that absolutely need you, they will find you and they will find the message within whatever you're sharing online that resonates with them. But you will absolutely get lost in the noise online if you do not get more specific. It's too noisy. And it's too vague out there.”

The path to success begins with clarity. When you put a stake in the ground and define your target audience, you establish a clear identity and purpose. By focusing on a specific niche, you position yourself as an expert who can cater to their unique needs. 

Amy emphasizes that finding your niche doesn't exclude others who may benefit from your offerings; instead, it helps you cut through the noise in the crowded online marketplace and attract the right people who resonate with your message.

Embracing Your Freedom 

The worst days as an entrepreneur are still better than the best days in a nine-to-five job because of the freedom and autonomy it brings. Being your own boss allows you to design your life according to your dreams and values. The journey will have its challenges, but the rewards, like freedom, far outweigh the comfort of a conventional job.

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 415:

[3:49] How Amy got the courage to become an entrepreneur

[10:09] Get clear on why you want to leave your 9-5

[13:54] The freedom to be your own boss

[17:08] Success is 80% managing your mindset

[23:17] The importance of defining your niche in a noisy online world

If you've been considering quitting your nine-to-five job to focus on building and growing your jewelry business, you’ll love this episode.

Remember, the journey may be filled with uncertainty, but the freedom and control over your own life make it all worthwhile. 

Have a listen, take the leap, and start creating the life you've always envisioned!

xo, Tracy


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