EP421: The Power of Intention + Massive Action Helped This Jewelry Designer Sell $17K in Just 3 Days

The Power of Intention + Massive Action Helped This Jewelry Designer Sell $17K in Just 3 Days

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Do you ever wonder if it's possible to manifest your dream business and create the life you truly desire? Well, let me tell you, it's absolutely within your reach!
I recently had an eye-opening conversation on the Thrive by Design podcast with the amazing Rael Cohen of Rael Cohen Jewelry, who also happens to be a graduate of our TYC program.

The Power of Mindset for Manifesting Your Dream Business

Rael has been a firm believer in mindset and manifestation practice for many years, and the results she's achieved are nothing short of extraordinary.

When you get crystal clear on what you want to create and eliminate any lingering trauma or roadblocks in your path, you can open up a world of possibilities for yourself, just like Rael did.
One incredible example of her manifestation practice was when she followed the strategies we teach in TYC and manifested an event with over 12,000 dream clients in attendance! The result of this three-day show? A staggering $17,000! But it’s not magic. Rael combines mindset, manifestation, and massive action to achieve her results.

Growing Her Jewelry Business to Multi 6 Figures

Rael is on an unstoppable journey towards growing her company to multiple 6 figures. With plans to move to Santé Fe, hire a kickass team, and create a fulfilling life for herself, she's well on her way to achieving her dreams.
On podcast episode 421, Rael shared the profound meaning behind each of her 4 collections. Plus, she revealed how she aligned her energy to attract the right opportunities and customers, manifested her best in-person show, and even added more than 100 people to her email list!

Clearing Blocks and Taking Action

Through the powerful marketing skills Rael learned in TYC, setting clear intentions, and taking focused, consistent action she’s built a recipe for success that has transformed her business and her life.

Inside TYC, Rael found the comfort and support she needed from our community of peers, coaches, and mentors, enabling her to grow and succeed

Tune into episode 421 to hear how Rael…

  • Aligned her energy to attract the right opportunities and customers
  • Manifested her best in-person show and sold 17K in 3 days
  • Added more than 100 people to her email list
  • Found comfort and support in a community of peers, coaches, and mentors to make big things happen in her business and her life

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 421:

[3:16] Getting clear on what you want to create

[6:27] Rael’s 3-year visioning exercise

[9:17] Inside Rael’s 4 different collections

[12:15] Transitioning from in-person to online sales

[17:55] Creating a human connection online and offline

[21:16] The power of intention

[25:47] Changing from jewelry designer to the CEO

When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals who uplift and inspire you, everything begins to flow.

Tune in to episode 421 of the Thrive by Design podcast and get ready to be inspired and empowered to unleash your true potential!

Let's do this together!

xo, Tracy

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