EP420: 5 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement Without Running Ads

5 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement Without Running Ads

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We've seen quite the rollercoaster ride over the past couple of years. The pandemic brought a digital revolution, with more and more businesses shifting their focus online. But finally, people are back to in-person shows and festivals, which is amazing. 

But here's the thing – if you're someone who's looking to create a thriving, leveraged business model that doesn't necessarily tie you to a physical location, then paying attention to your online sales is an absolute must!

Today, on Podcast Episode 420, I’m talking about one of my absolute favorite platforms for jewelry business owners to connect with customers, boost sales, and create a vibrant community – Instagram! 

How to Maximize Instagram Without Spending Money

If you think I’m going to tell you to start running ads, hold on tight. This episode is all about maximizing engagement without spending a single penny.

So, whether you're a seasoned Instagram pro or just getting started, I've got some golden gems to help you supercharge your online presence. Increasing engagement is the key to making more sales, growing your email list, and getting more eyes on your stunning jewelry.

Turning Your Instagram Scrollers Into Raving Fans and Buyers

The endgame is not just to have a bunch of followers scrolling endlessly through your posts; it's about turning those casual scrollers into dedicated fans who can't wait to join your inner circle and email list. Your email list is where the real magic happens, where you can nurture relationships and turn prospects into loyal customers.

So, if you're ready to make the most out of Instagram and take your jewelry business to new heights, buckle up because this episode is tailor-made just for you. Let's dive in and discover how to get the most bang for your zero bucks on Instagram!

Listen to Episode 420 for 5 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement Without Running Ads.

These killer strategies will have your Instagram presence sizzling like never before!

Tip Number One: Leveraging Instagram Stories! Keep an eye on the IG stories of the awesome people who engage with your content. Show 'em some love by engaging with their stories right back! Trust me, it's like a little virtual high-five that keeps the good vibes flowing.

Tip Number Two: Maximizing Comments! Don't just leave those comments hanging. Show some appreciation by replying with thoughtful responses. A cute emoji sprinkled in there does wonders! And don't forget to like or heart every post that comes your way. 

Tip Number Three: Direct Messaging! After you drop that awesome post, respond to every message like the social media superstar you are! And when it feels right, take the conversation to DMs. It's like having a private chat at a fabulous virtual cocktail party.

Tip Number Four: Warming up New Followers! Don't be shy! Send a heartfelt message like “thanks for the follow.” No pitching or selling in the first few messages, though! We're all about making friends before diving into business stuff. 

Tip Number Five: Engaging with ideal profiles! Build your dream team of followers by seeking out kindred spirits. You know, the ones who resonate with your brand and style? Interact with their content, spread some good vibes, and let that magnetism work its magic!

Here’s an overview of Episode 420:

[2:00] Using Instagram to Get More Engagement

[6:08] How to Use Instagram for Business Growth

[7:48] Be Strategic About When You Post

[10:09] How to Respond to DMs

[13:57] Engage With Ideal Profiles

[16:05] How to Test Your Social Media Strategy

Ready to make your Instagram game stronger than ever before? Listen to Episode 420 and start implementing these strategies today!

xo, Tracy

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