EP425: How 4 Designers Hit BIG Goals in Just 90 Days

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What’s more inspiring than a jewelry designer, overcoming adversity and crushing her online sales and business dreams and goals?

How about 4 designers achieving massive success in just 90-days!

Each of these designers has a distinctly unique brand, and they joined us for TYC with a common goal… to get the support and trainings to grow their online sales. 

They invested in themselves and their businesses and in just 90 days, the transformation has been nothing short of amazing!

Meet Four TYC Grads and Hear How The Program Has Transformed their Lives and Businesses

On podcast episode 425, I chatted with four amazing designers for our “How They Did It” panel discussion. They’re all part of our Flourish & Thrive community and also recent grads of Train Your Customers to Buy Online (TYC) 12-week sales accelerator…

Erin Kandoll from Twisted Ginger Jewelry in Petersburg, Alaska is a self-taught silversmith working with turquoise and gemstone jewelry

Karla Hackman from Karla Hackman Designs in Sante Fe, New Mexico is an art jeweler creating mixed metal pieces in silver and 18 karat gold. 

Elizabeth Cline from Shop Dreamers of Dreams in San Francisco, California incorporates raw gemstones, Herkimer diamonds, large crystal statement pieces and electroforming to create her pieces. 

Hannah Kim from By Hannah Design in New Jersey designs personalized minimalistic jewelry for moms and pretty much everyone!

The TYC Designers Open Up About What Was Working and Where they Needed Help to Grow their Online Sales

Elizabeth shared that “…I really needed to have something to keep me focused and keep me moving forward.” 

This is one of the things that makes TYC so different from other programs or courses, and why our students have so much success. Our coaches and mentors help the students stay accountable to get things done.

Hannah, like many of the designers that join our community, felt overwhelmed with having to do all the things, “…I joined [TYC] to make, you know, [a] difference, because I knew there were so many things and areas in my business that I wasn't doing.” 

It’s very common for jewelry designers to start their businesses doing in person shows, but this often leads to burnout and limited growth potential, just like Karla experienced…

“…I also had been feeling like my business is plateauing…so I was wanting to really build traffic to the website.”

Similarly, Erin, who lives in a tiny Alaska town, knew she didn’t want to be driving to shows through their wicked winter storms, so she joined TYC to make a shift from in person to online…

“…I really needed to figure out how to have an online presence and get people to come to me directly through my online sales.” 

TYC Trainings Are Designed to Get You Results in 90-Days or Less

TYC is a 12-Week accelerator program, designed specifically so that our students stay focused on the right activities to drive results, quickly.

Inside TYC our panel designers learned how to:

  • Leverage the power of their email and SMS lists to drive traffic and sales 
  • Optimize or build a website that drives traffic, attracts the right audience to convert more sales
  • Become more confident on video and master live selling on Instagram
  • Shift their mindset to delegate tasks become the visionaries in their businesses
  • Confidently collect email addresses at in person shows, to convert shoppers to online buyers
  • Plan and implement a content strategy for a successful collection launch
  • Implement email automations to connect with your subscribers and make more consistent sales
  • And so much more!

The Results Speak for Themselves in TYC

As you listen to the honest and authentic stories of these four talented designers, you’ll hear about their journeys and struggles and how far they’ve come since taking TYC…

  • Erin is on track to triple her sales this year and has developed a process to book out customs through the end of the year.
  • Elizabeth grew her email list by 50% and is also selling out of her Moldavite pieces with segmentation
  • Hannah warmed up a stale email list of 10K and had a successful birthday website event after ignoring her website for 8 years
  • Karla is following up and growing her customer base to keep making sales after shows

When you tune into Episode 425, you’ll hear that these designers are just regular people with the same life distractions and challenges like kids, spouses who have demanding jobs, and just everyday life. But their businesses are soaring because they invested in TYC.

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 425:

[5:12] The designers share their biz transformations after TYC

[13:16] Creating urgency through email follow ups

[18:30] Getting new email subscribers

[25:42] Real-life everyday challenges of entrepreneurship

[43:37] Overcoming hesitations about joining TYC

[56:12] How to know if TYC is right for you, right now

If you think one of these designer’s stories about how TYC has changed their lives and businesses is inspiring, wait until you tune in to hear all three! Trust me, it’s pretty amazing!

xo, Tracy

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