EP424: How to Leverage In Person Events to Grow Online Sales (and Get 200 New Email + SMS Subscribers in 3 Days)

How to Leverage In Person Events to Grow Online Sales

In this captivating episode of the Thrive by Design podcast I sat down with the brilliant jewelry designer, Alex Boxall, the creative force behind Alex Kathlyn Accessories. Join us as we explore Alex's inspiring journey, from childhood creativity to building her online business and embracing newfound confidence.

Rediscovering Her Passion and Navigating Challenges

Alex's love for crafting jewelry began early in life, making friendship bracelets and wire-wrapped rings for her mom. When she launched her brand, Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories, in 2014, it was born out of necessity after facing job uncertainties in a small town with limited opportunities. 

Her jewelry designs are inspired by powerful women, aiming to remind them of their worth and beauty, just as they are.

An Unintentional Hiatus

Alex dedicated herself to growing her business from 2014 to 2018, using in person shows as her primary channel and supplementing with online sales. However, after becoming a new mom, she realized she couldn't give her best to both roles. Scaling back her business to part-time allowed her to focus on her family. Then, life threw her a curveball with the pandemic, leading to an unintentional three-year hiatus.

In December 2022, Alex returned, relaunching her brand with a focus on permanent jewelry in addition to her handmade pieces. With the holiday season on her mind and snowy, stormy winters in her area, she needed a solution to grow her online sales without relying on in-person events.

Elevating Her Online Business with Flourish & Thrive Academy

Determined to succeed, Alex joined Flourish & Thrive Academy's transformative program, Train Your Customers to Buy Online. This pivotal decision marked a turning point in her journey, propelling her to take bold and consistent action toward her goals.

In Episode 424 of Thrive by Design, you’ll hear how TYC has Made a Massive Impact on Alex’s Life and Business

Armed with the strategies she learned in TYC, Alex attended a two-day market, using her newfound confidence to ask people to join her VIP List. Her results were astounding:

  • She added 200 new email and SMS subscribers to her list
  • She saw a remarkable 191% increase in sales compared to the previous year
  • She created a compelling new offer and sold over 150 units

Stepping Up as a Confident Business Owner

Thanks to TYC, Alex gained the confidence to take immediate action, work smarter, and delegate tasks. Recognizing the value of time, she now prioritizes being the visionary of her brand, allowing her to cherish precious moments with her family.

“I can always make more money, but I cannot make more time. And if I want to be the visionary of this brand, like, I need to delegate and get things off my plate.”

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 424:

[6:26] In 2020 Alex decided to go all in on her business

[8:38] What happened when the pandemic hit

[12:18] Using what she learned in TYC to grow her list by 200

[15:04] Alex’s sales are up 191% over last year

[19:34] How TYC is helping Alex be the visionary of her brand

[23:53] Delegating and taking quick action is making all the difference

The Secret Sauce of Train Your Customers to Buy Online

TYC's magic lies in its actionable approach and accountability, encouraging designers to stop procrastinating and take consistent action. The content planning strategy has been a game-changer, guiding Alex to maximize content across different platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

“But one of the specific things that I've been doing is utilizing our content planning strategy. And that has been a huge weight off of my shoulders, instead of just like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks, I actually have a plan of attack.” 

If you’re feeling inspired by Alex's journey I promise you’re going to be even more inspired when you listen to this episode.

Tune in now and enjoy!



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