Episode 427: Ask Me Anything: How Do I Market to Two Separate Jewelry Audiences?

How Do I Market to Two Separate Jewelry Audiences?

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“Tracy, how in the world do you market to more than one ideal client avatar without getting overwhelmed?” 

I get this question often. So on today’s podcast, we're diving into this topic – how to effectively market to two separate audiences under one brand and one website.

Angeli Yara, a talented jewelry maker who not only sells her beautiful creations but also shares her skills through jewelry-making classes, asked this question specifically about her two distinct audiences. 

I love this question so much, and in today’s episode, I've got some golden insights to share that apply to any jewelry brand with more than one target audience.

Segment Your Email List Like a Pro

First things first, your email list is your secret weapon. Create two distinct lists – one for each of your distinct audiences. Make sure your tagging and segmenting are on point so that you can send tailored content to each group. 

You want all of your customers to feel as if you are speaking directly to them.

Craft Your Website with The End User in Mind

Your website is your online home, and it needs to be welcoming to both audiences. Design a dedicated section for each distinct customer avatar, complete with engaging subpages. Keep things crystal clear so your website visitors know exactly where to go for what they're looking for.

Insta-Brilliance on Instagram

Set up two separate profiles – one for each specific audience. Post content that resonates with each audience and cross-promote where it makes sense. Remember, the key is to build a connection with your followers, and clarity wins over confusion every time.

It's All About the User Experience

We also chatted about the magic ingredient – user experience. It’s worth the investment to enlist the help of a professional designer who understands the ins and outs of personal branding. 

This pro will make sure that your website seamlessly guides visitors through your different offerings and captures the essence of your brand.

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 427: 

[3:00] How to promote to two separate audiences

[4:38] The importance of segmenting your list

[6:10] Segmenting your website into distinct categories

[7:46] Marketing to both audiences

Angeli Yara is juggling her jewelry line and her jewelry-making classes business, and she's rocking it! But these strategies work for any brand, balancing more than one ideal client avatar.

The key is understanding your customers, tailoring your messaging, and creating a seamless experience for both audiences.

If you're looking for a deeper dive into this topic, be sure to tune in to the latest episode of the Thrive by Design Podcast. I spill all the beans on how you can effectively market to two separate audiences without breaking a sweat.

xo, Tracy

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