Episode 428: Ask Me Anything: Do I Need More Than One Dream Client for My Different Offers?

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“Tracy, how do I know if I have to market to more than one dream client?”

In my “ Supercharge Your Sales Challenge: Ask Me Anything” session, Emmy, an artist and business owner, asked this question because she started out by making clay, but then evolved into making jewelry and other gifting products.

She raises such a great point for business owners with multiple collections – one that can often cause overwhelm and confusion. Do you need a dream client for each category, or are you targeting the same person?

If you’re trying to identify who your dream client is because you’re selling multiple products, today’s episode is going to give you crystal clear clarity.

A topic so crucial in today’s oversaturated market, we talk about what building a business like this really looks like, including pros and cons, overcoming common challenges, and practical tips on how to easily market multiple products. 

Let’s jump in!

It’s All One Dream Client

First of all, your business most likely has one dream client, but you might have different personas that purchase from you. While you might have client avatars who differ because of what they are going through and what they are looking for, chances are that they still cross-pollinate..

It’s not likely that customers drawn to your brand are drastically different from other buyer personas interested in other collections and products. 

Be Mindful About Overdoing It with Offerings

Multiple offerings will make targeting your dream clients more complicated. The more range you design the more products you’ll make. However, it’s very possible and probable to have a successful business doing that.

Be careful when it comes to oversaturating your offerings because that’s when you make your business complicated. 

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Avatars

When it comes to different avatars, so many of them overlap. When you make too many, it’s easy to make excuses why you can’t market to one person. While you’ll encounter different segments of your customer avatar, they’re usually all one dream client

There’s exceptions, but it’s best to try to keep it as simple as possible and get crystal clear on your avatar. The more avatar personas you have, the more complicated it is to market your business. 

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 428:

[4:46] How we have different segments or buyer personas that buy from us

[7:10] An example of how you create one dream client off of different buyer personas

[9:37] How Emmy identifies herself as a clay artist and jewelry designer

[9:57] Why you don’t need to segment your list based off of what you design

Emmy is expanding and diversifying her business, and she’s ready to get crystal clear on if she should market to more than one dream client.

The key is to not over complicate your dream client avatars or your offerings

If you want to understand who to market to when you expand your offerings, tune into the latest episode of the Thrive by Design Podcast. I delve into how to market multiple products to your dream client/clients.

xo, Tracy

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