Episode 431: How a Free Bootcamp Transformed a TBI Survivor’s Business with Danielle Burkett

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Learn how to use our free challenges and bootcamps to skyrocket your success. 

In today’s episode, I chatted with Ellie – an artist who’s shown up to every single challenge and bootcamp that we’ve done this year. She’s a shining example of a business owner who’s committed to showing up for herself, her business and her family…and it shows!

Despite a traumatic brain injury, she’s become a powerful force and catapulted her business into success. 

Opening her business only 2 weeks after watching her first bootcamp, she’s now experiencing amazing results from taking action from free these resources. 

Ellie expands on how if you want to see results and celebrate, get in this room and stick to these steps. 

She has an incredible story filled with breathtaking perseverance, and our free bootcamps and challenges played a huge role in taking her business to the next level.

Here’s a few of the things that she gained!

Easy Access to Game-Changing Information

Because of her injury, Ellie can’t research or read without pain. When she wanted to focus on growing her business and her income, she wasn’t sure where to find a way to take them to the next level.

She dives into why this was the perfect platform for her to soak up crucial knowledge and integrate everything she learned into her business. 

Knowledge of Everything She Needed

Ellie understood exactly what she needed to focus on and create to take her business from foundling to thriving. She learned how to create policies, procedures, a successful sale, an email list, a vision, and so many other crucial aspects of her business. 

She also implemented the most important puzzle piece of success – she showed up as the business she wanted to be. When she found the guidance she had been seeking, she saw quick and concrete results. 

Support That Spurred Concrete Results

Ellie found the support that she sought in the bootcamp Facebook groups. She talks about how that’s her favorite part of every training. Not just a platform to interact with others, it’s also a great space to see other jewelers out there who are at all different levels, ask them questions, and glean their energy! 

Although Ellie had countless chances to give up, she spills about how she lives each day in the moment and goes full force towards her dream. 

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Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 431:

Ellie talks about how she transformed her business from foundling to flourishing with our free bootcamps and courses! 

Despite a traumatic brain injury, she’s become a powerful force and catapulted her business into success. 

I’m excited to chat with someone who, despite so many obstacles, persevered and made her dream business a reality. She has so many jewels to share with you!

xo, Tracy
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