Episode 430: 7 Ways to Increase Your Exposure + Visibility for Jewelry Brands

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Different Ways to Increase Your Exposure and Visibility So That More People Find Your Jewelry Brand. 

In my latest episode, I address a question that I always get asked – “How do I have more random people find my stuff?” 

With the holidays around the corner, it’s vital to understand how to grow a profitable business. We cover 7 different ways to effectively increase your visibility and attract a bigger audience. 

So if you want more people to find your brand, make sure that you don’t miss today’s episode! 

Here’s the tip of the iceberg of juicy tips that we touch on. You’ll want to start implementing as soon as possible so that you can attract more dream customers before the holidays hit! 

I promise that if you consistently commit to these methods, they’ll do wonders for expanding your business and helping people who want to buy from you find you!

Let’s get started! 

Up Your Social Media Savviness

Social media, as I’m sure you know, is one of the places that people go to first to get visibility on their brand because it’s a free tool! However, if you’re frustrated by its algorithms – I get it, and we cover a few ways to “hack them”. 

It’s really important to be consistent about showing up for your audience! Shout outs to customers, live events, and treating the platform like you’re making connections with other people are a few excellent ways. When you go above and beyond in building connections and community, your brand’s exposure on social media ignites and amplifies. 

Branch Out With Brand to Brand Collaborations 

Brand partnerships can be incredibly powerful. You can do everything from leveraging each other’s email lists, creating content on each other’s blogs, and much more. There’s countless opportunities for valuable partnerships that lead to ongoing cross-pollination.

Forming collaborations with other brands can look like so many different things. One type of collaboration is to partner with parallel brands. For example, if you’re a yoga jewelry brand, amazing parallel brands to partner with could be a yoga clothing company!

Media and Publicity Will do Marvels 

Media and publicity can do wonders for your jewelry business and is a great way to start because the more media you get, the more validity you get. 

We chat about some of the best ways to approach this. I always recommend starting locally! Not only is it much easier to get exposure in local publications first, but it’s also much easier to become a big celebrity in a small pond! Local newspapers and tv stations are always looking for local artists and people that they can feature – right before the holidays! 

Tune in for more tips, get your pitching going, and let’s do this!

xo, Tracy

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 430:

[6:44] How to get even more of your content in front of people on social media
[9:23] How to open the door to amazing exposure with brand to brand partnerships.
[11:43] How to optimize media and publicity to grow visibility and validity

[13:38] Four more specific strategies to get in front of more people and gain traction

If you’re ready to magnetize a bigger audience, here’s 7 different ways to increase your visibility and exposure. 

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s vital to understand how to grow a profitable business. 

So if you want to gain exposure fast and help more dream customers find your brand, make sure that you don’t miss today’s episode! 

Start implementing these as soon as possible! 

xo, Tracy

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